What’s new in SGS v 2.00

SUMMARY  OF CHANGES MADE IN SGS v 2.0 (simplified version)

Regular players will find quite a few major changes to the SGS game system in this new version.
The majority of these changes have been made based on the feedback we have received over the past year. In general they are to do with improving the system through simplification.



  • Preys can now use low-damage weapons in defense.
  • Collar and leash are built-in. Predators may leash preys without authorization, while the permission will be asked for non-preys
  • The level of difficulty will translate in number of hits (visible on the prey meter)
  • If multiple predators go after the same prey, the counter will not be reset
  • Bumping as a method of capture has been removed. Capture weapons will be used instead.
  • Some groups/races can be defaulted by us to be ‘Prey’ or ‘Predator’ and you cannot change that. Check on the webpages to see which ones.


  • Age increments after 30 minutes in the sim. Read more here: http://community.socionex.com/sgs/meter/age/
  • “Inventory” has been added. Find out more: http://community.socionex.com/sgs/hud/hud-inventory/
  • “Setup” allows you to switch between all species/races
  • You can see the amount of money you have in both cash and bank in your HUD
  • You can minimize the HUD by clicking on the top-left button.
  • We will assign a default combat mode to each group, but you can easily change it from the ‘Setup’


  • No more items to pick up when you signup for employment
  • All items are now ‘virtual’ and stored in the SGS database.
  • To find out what items you got, click on “Inventory” on the HUD or browse your web profile
  • Items can be either sold with the gesture “/sell”, or used with the gesture “/use”.
  • Based on your level of skill, you will get 1, 2, or 3 items for each time you signup.
  • Added ‘blood’ skill items as well.
  • Max 20 items in inventory. Expiration is 2-3 days for all of them.
  • Find out more: http://community.socionex.com/sgs/hud/hud-inventory/
  • And about individual items: http://community.socionex.com/sgs/hud/hud-inventory/item-types/


  • Added stamina and removed mental % and ethos %
  • Stamina will automatically increase when your avatar rests. Running, jumping, swinging a weapon etc will decrease your stamina during fight/capture.
  • If stamina is zero, then your avatar will freeze and stop for a few seconds. When you stop, then the stamina goes up again, and you will start to recover.
  • Max stamina is assigned to each group (prey groups may have less stamina than predator groups. Find out on the website).
  • You won’t be able to eat or heal when your stamina is below a certain level (to avoid quick healing during combat/capture).
  • Find out more: http://community.socionex.com/sgs/meter/stamina/


  • The rank has now a maximum of 20 levels
  • 17 levels may be acquired with the age (1 for each 30 days of game play),
  • Other levels will be acquired with skills, leadership, backstory, etc
  • Read More here: http://community.socionex.com/sgs/meter/rank/


  • The meter is really a collar now. There are different version of collars, but at the moment we released a gothic version, one for Females, one for Males.
  • No more cylinder shaped meter (that was still causing some confusion).
  • Attachment point is the SPINE, so please ‘Add’ this from your SL inventory, instead of ‘Wear’ this
  • Leash is built-in in the collar. To use it, click on VICTIM on the HUD, then click on ‘LEASH’