A note on foul language swearing and cursing.

A note on foul language swearing and cursing.

We do not intend to police to heavily the language used in Role Play here in Golgothica.
It is an adult sim with a strong sexual theme and therefore RP will inevitably contain heavy slang sexual references and outright offensive words.
We hope that all are adult and intelligent enough to not use extreme disgusting language out of context or to bludgeon a victim repeatedly with the same old words over and over to the point of showing themselves up to be  lacking in any word craft beyond these expletives.

One thing is however outlawed completely, be that IC or OOC.

There shall be no deliberate RL racist religious or minority group insults at all.
In fact, this being a fantasy land, there should be no need at all to refer to any RL groups ethnic or otherwise.

Because we will allow within reason the use of extreme language within the context of Role Play here, we will be forced to be far more strict about bad language used in out of character chat.

There should therefore be no need at all for any kind of swearing cursing etc in OOC local chat or the Golgothica chat group

If you get into an OOC argument do not swear at the other player, if you do so you will loose the initiative stoke the fire and make things worse for sure.

We will ignore any OOC logs of complaints sent to us if the player complaining has used bad language themselves to back up their argument in any way.

A note of caution here to players from different countries about using swear words etc  from another country.
Be very sure about how much offence you are causing before you use some words, they may be far more offensive and hurtful than you imagine.
Think before you act and speak, and save us all a load of grief and drama.

(This applies to all SGS SIMs, not just Golgothica).