New Bazaar / Landing Area at KOS (July 1st, 2011)


On Friday evening 1 JULY we will open the new bazaar / landing area to the public.

We feel that the new layout of the bazaar is much cleaner and you should all find a better and more visible place where to place your vendors.
Also it is built on a straight line, so people won’t get lost in it.

By Friday, please teleport to this landmark:

(landmark included)

and find the place in the bazaar where you would like to move your vendors to.
The available walls have a ‘rental’ sign on it, and they have no prims on it.
When you find a wall where you wish to move to, please rezz your vendors there as well.
If you don’t have your vendor prims, just rezz a big box in front of it, so I will know which wall you picked.
There is no need to pay at the rental sign.

By Friday I will do the transfer of the old rental to the new rental.
Also you will be given 4 extra free days added to your new rental.

We understand that you might not like any of it, and don’t wish to move.
In that case, there is no need to do anything. When it is Friday, any pending rental in the old bazaar will be closed and refunded (if a new place is not chosen), and your prims will be returned.

Also the new rental shows a price for the number of prims you use. The minimum number of prims is 11.
That way will make you save some money on the rental price.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we strongly believe that the new bazaar is a huge improvement.

Kora Zenovka

ps: Contact me if you need further help.