SGS HUD & Meter v 2.19 Released

There have been some changes related to the clans:

  • If the clan leader hasn’t been in the SIM for 1 month, the clan will be closed down permanently. If the leader comes back later, he may restart a clan from scratch, but he won’t be able to use the same one. If you – as leader – plan a long-time absence, please nominate someone else as leader to keep your clan active.
  • The minimum game age to form a clan is 14 days (SGS age).
  • Orphan clans will become inactive within 24 hours unless an interim leader is elected.
  • A clan needs 1 leader and at least 4 members. If your clan doesn’t meet the quota or if it goes under quota, it will stay under pending approval, and you won’t be given the title of leader. But even if your clan is not approved, you can invite other people to signup.
  • If you meet the minimum amount of members, your clan approval will be given within 24 hours.

Find out more:

We added an A-STAR (Awesomeness Star) to your Rank. Find out more here:

If you have the flintlocks, please make sure to have the most recent release 2.11. There was a bug in the previous version.

All upgrades are free of charge. To get one, just click on the vendor in the game room and request a copy.

Thank you