Venexia Update

Update on our New Sim Venexia
We will be opening very shortly, hopefully within 2, but possibly 3 weeks  no more.
A unique new setting based on Venice, lots of new weapons, gondolas to move around the canals in and flying machines for the air.
Also a new system of meter based RP abilities and 8 elemental magic skills with effects.
The Venexia Forums are open, and some aproved Covens being formed
Here is a short note outlining the basic ideas.

Venexia is gothic interpretation of Venice, a specific time period is not given. It is no earlier than middle ages, the times of the great plagues, and no later than pre industrial Victoria,
The excuse for this wide range of time is that Vampires do not keep time, or at least their time keeping is on a far larger scale than human. Venice in reality was always renowned for its great family conflicts. Each family running a part of the city and in direct competition with all the other families. Venexia is no different to this, except the families are Vampire Families called Sabats.
The canals cut the city into small islands and these islands become the “turf “ of certain of the vampire Sabats. Some of the more well know city landmarks become homes for the Sabats.
There is no open war, because this is a society. But this Vampire society is based on dominance of strength, intelligence  and numbers to rule. Conflict between Covens and Sabats is encouraged as this is the best way to establish the pecking order of Society. Politics of course enter in here, but weakness cannot be allowed to rule unless it is intelligent enough to surround itself with strength. So the game is based on social interaction between vampire gangs. There is one outcast Sabat called Vodeni. This Sabat is a kind of self hating evangelical group that seeks ultimately to destroy vampire society, and itself along with it. This Sabat should satisfy those who wish to be Vampire hunters, and hopefully will stop the sim turning into a good guy versus bad guy, simplistic  bash, that might occur if a Human vampire hunter element was introduced. This is certainly a full on Role Play sim where Combat is expected to part of that role play and not an end on its own or a reason for playing.
This is also a reason why we want to keep the whole Vampire Lycan conflict out of the sim. This is about social conflict within a set society of Vampire families, not a war of Vampires versus the rest. Humans of course play a big part in this as they are now a rare commodity, almost a protected species, that are bread and carefully selected for their blood. But they are not strong enough to take over the city or even wish to do so, in any world changing way.
Obviously there are similarities here to other Vampire games. In fact it was originally proposed to use an already existing system. But in the end we feel that it is always better for us, and those playing, to start something new, give people a chance to be creative rather than box them into an already well worn and some might say over used tradition.
So if you  feel like giving something new a go then you will find most of the groups resemble quite well those with which you are familiar.
This is just a brief intro and much more information will be available closer to the opening date.