Mentors / Clan Leaders

I got a notice about having mentors at KOS. I wish to remind you that you have already got  your own mentor when you join a clan. It is your clan leader! That should be for you a father/mother figure, someone you trust and rely upon and you consult if you have a problem. If that is not the person, maybe you shouldn’t be in that clan. In the rules we sais “As clan leader you will be responsible for the members of your clan – both IC and OOC.  ”
Possibly not many people read that.

That means that if you  need advice, your clan leader is the first person you go to.
If you have problem with a person of another clan, then your clan leader will help you out and you should all contact the other person’ clan leader.
Several clan leaders already do it day by day, and I know that. But if not, then look for someone that leads – for real.