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Merfolk Leader

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Although the Merfolk expressed the wish to have a group leader, nobody signed up as candidate for election. So the elections won’t happen for Merfolk this time.

Slaver/Pirate Election – VOTE NOW!

Monday, October 17th, 2011

The candidates are: Shaka Brandris, Am Demina, Darklord Trapdoor, andrea Alphaville, Nento Rae, Silent Earthboy, and Glenn Graves

You can start to vote right now. Only Slavers/Pirates may vote. Minimum age is 7 days (game age). ALTs vote will be discarded.

Please read Ireem Chronicles for statements from candidates. If you don’t like any of the candidates, you can vote for ‘None of them’.

We will have the first round of votes for a week, then we will select the two top voted for a second round.

Good luck!

Magi Leader Election – VOTE NOW!

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

The candidates are: Avimia Aviatik, Petertron Nieuport, LilTrick Wirefly, Schnappi Ur, and Zamalie Core.

You can start to vote right now. Only Magi may vote. Minimum age is 7 days (game age). ALTs vote will be discarded.

Please read Ireem Chronicles for statements from candidates. If you don’t like any of the candidates, you can vote for ‘None of them’.

We will have the first round of votes for a week, then we will select the two top voted for a second round.

Good luck!

Bedouin Leader Election – VOTE NOW!

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

The candidates are:
bero Kingmaker, Ehson Miles, Aguia Alter.
If you would rather have nobody as leader, you can still vote for ‘None of them’.
Only Bedouin may vote. Alt votes will be discarded.
Please read the Ireem Chronicles to find more about the candidates.
After one week we will pick the top 2 votes and start a second round.

Know your Place in the Fantasy Land of KOS

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

What’s this I smell drifting on the wind blowing from the desert lands of Samhara
Are! the sweet sickly smell of arrogant dissent.
Please read the attached note if you think the Sultana needs putting in her place. Learn just what her place is, and how lucky you are to still be alive having such thoughts 🙂


What’s this smell I detect drifting on the winds that blow from the desert lands of Samhara.
Are! the sweet sickly smell of arrogant dissent.
Well that’s good, or at least not all bad.
Not everyone can live under the rule of an absolute ruler and be happy. Many have to kick against the system, this is fine.
But all should realise that to shout your disapproval from the rooftops, to organise a Demo to protest, To openly accuse the rulers of crimes etc etc, all this kind of stuff is only recently a safe occupation to pursue.
Of course, I know the “people” have many times tried to rise up against tyrants all throughout history, so please all you medieval history buffs spare me the examples.
But, at the time we are enacting here in KOS, the ruling class have their kingdom well and truly under control.
As I have said many times in the past, the Game here is about the frictions and interactions that exist between the Factions that live on a lower level than the Palace. You can RP hating the Sultana and the Knights but, when in the city especially , you would do well to keep you mouth shut on such matters in public places or you will for sure loose your Tongue, and most likely your life. The system of Government here I would liken to a rather pleasant form of Stalinist Russia, where even a whole tribe can be arranged to go missing, leave alone an individual with a big mouth and a small brain.
I can of course arrange a demonstration of this tyrannical skill of making things disappear for anyone who wants to test it out. SO, the game is this, The Sultans have ruled this land for many centuries.
At this time The currant sultana (no pun intended) is renowned for her charity and acceptance of the multicultural society that exists under here rule. But, it is absolutely under her rule, make no mistake about that.
No, of course, not as an individual, don’t be dumb, Queen Victoria was not a muscle bound weapons expert.
You are all living in the house of the Sultans of Ireem, you are living on their land (although of course the Bedu dispute this completely, but are not strong enough to do anything about it)
They can evict you any time they wish. Anything, absolutely anything you do to upset the Sultana or the peaceful running of the City is a huge risk that you take, and in reality should end with the destruction of your Character. If you can’t stand the heat of the subordination to absolute power, then get out of the Kitchen of Ireem. That’s the reality. But of course no man or woman can really live without the imagined dream of freedom. So you can RP any hate or dislike you wish. You can plot over throws and military coups, but please realise the reality of your RP situation and understand that you are really a very small fly under the very big and wide reaching swat of the rulers of the lands of KOS.
Watch your mouth or loose your tongue.
Watch your step or loose your legs.


Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Just as reminder, Magic HUDs are not allowed.
They are SUPER LAGGY ( I tested a few of them). The amount of particles they spawn is so big that they can freeze everybody’s viwer, and they are often just plain griefing tool.
As you might have read, we will have magic crafts in the upcoming releases.

Blue Lagoon Cafe Owner: YOU DECIDE

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Candidates are: Keezie Serpente, CaitrionaNikola Resident, Fateema Asalia, Aella Falconer, Stella Theseus, Clara Sheryffe, Branwenmatholwch Resident.
The voting book is outside the Cafe` (KOS2), Please vote and choose who you would like to run the cafe` .

Dolphin Baths Owner: YOU DECIDE

Monday, October 10th, 2011

The candidates are: Kata Kita, Zena Southpaw, Sodapop Lorefield , and Raine Moyet.
Avimia Aviatik decided not to run. and Elusive Cristole and Severine Luik didn’t meet the race/group requirements.
Who would you like to run the Dolphin Baths? YOU DECIDE.
The voting book is outside the Baths.

The Fatted Calf is now open for rent!

Monday, October 10th, 2011

If you are interested in running The Fatted Calf, sign up at the book outside the tavern. Any race, no ALTs. 1 Event a month to organize. Serious Interest in RP Only.

Golgothica: Proposed Changes

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Proposed changes to Golgothica
Coming soon.

Most of these changes are inspired by referendums,  feedback we have already received

After much initial disappointment and many requests, we will be reinstating the original Golgothica back story and groups into the sim in order to inject it with some solid basis fro RP which many have missed. This story will of course need some tweaking to fit the new locations etc.
– adding the magic crafts as skills for supernaturals and wytches
– adding  city laws  and crimes to the game
– adding trials and prosecutors
– adding outlaws as human group (fighting against the oppressors – but weaker than supernatural)
– adding the bounty hunters (who fight and catch criminals who break city laws) and take them to trial
– adding clans

We would of course be interested to hear any feed back on these proposed changes.

Elections – Restricted Groups

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

The Groups/Races  undergoing the group leadership elections are now restricted until the end of the election. If a potential player wishes to play in any of these groups will have to wait until the end of the election.
This is just a precaution to avoid people coming from other groups to vote for their friends .

Ireem City Laws

Friday, October 7th, 2011

You can now get your own copy of city laws, available outside the Knight HQs.
Ignorance of the city laws won’t be a good excuse to avoid an arrest or a trial.
If you don’t wish to be arrested within city walls, please avoid any criminal behaviour, as established by city laws and you will be fine.


Laws and Fines of Ireem

1. Attemped Murder: 5000G$/2000G$
2. Assault: 2000G$/1000G$
3. Threat against the Sultana: 1000G$/500G$
4. Insult or Disobey: 500G$/100G$

Palace & Harem
1. Trespassing: 500G$/100G$
2. Damage to Property: 500G$/100G$

The City, Ireem
1. Drawn Weapon or Gun inside the City Walls: 500G$/100G$
2. Damage to Property: 500G$/100G$
3. Naked inside the City Walls: 100G$/50G$
4. Shoplifting: Automatically reported by the Owner

Other Crimes inside the City Walls
1. Attempted Murder: 2000G$/1000G$
2. Assault: 1000G$/500G$
3. Rape / Sexual Assault: 1000G$/500G$
4. Insult: 100G$/50G$
5. Theft / Pickpocketing: 100G$/50G$
6. Public Drunkenness: 100G$/50G$
7. False Accusing: 100G$/50G$

Incitement to riot:

Incitement to War:

Fines belong to the Wealth and Criminal History of the Criminal and can change.
The Palace and Harem Guards automatically accuse “Assault & Trespassing”. 500G$ for Trespassing + every other Crime (For Example: 500G$ trespassing + 500G$ for Assault OR +1000G$ for Assault of 2 Members).
Attempted Murderer and Shoplifters are not to be fined. These Criminals must be brought to the Trial !!! If there are reported Crimes the Criminal must brought to the Trial, too.

Signed by Imperatrix Avery Allegrant.

KOS Group Leadership Referendum – Result

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Based on popular vote, the following groups will have a group leader election: Bedouin, Magi, Pirate/Slaver, Merfolk.
About the other groups: Djinn and Dark Knights were in favor to keep the status quo. The other groups were a tie or not enough votes to establish a majority.

If you are interested in being the group leader for Bedouin, Magi, Pirate, Merfolk, please signup as candidate at the sign directly at your HQs.
If you don’t belong to the group, or you are another player’s ALT, your candidacy will be discarded (sorry!)
Also be prepared to release your candidate statement or interview to the editor of the Ireem Chronicles.


Not renewing your rental?

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Please remember to pick up your prims. Once the rental has expired, we will send the prims back at you (likely because hte next tenant has already moved in). We have heard that occasionally things get lost in SL inventories (even in the Lost & Found folders), so don’t forget to clean up.
Also you can use the menu and click on ‘Terminate’ to close the rental and stop receiving reminders.

Be part of a clan!

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

To encourage the clan system, from now on we will give an extra allowance to those members who are part of an approved clan.

So the way the daily allowance is calculated as it follows:

  • base salary (it depends on the job, but it may be 60 or 70G$)
  • plus 10$ for any extra skill level  (e.g. if you are a Level 3 Physician, you will gain +20G$)
  • plus 15G$ if you belong to an approved clan.


Mentors / Clan Leaders

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

I got a notice about having mentors at KOS. I wish to remind you that you have already got  your own mentor when you join a clan. It is your clan leader! That should be for you a father/mother figure, someone you trust and rely upon and you consult if you have a problem. If that is not the person, maybe you shouldn’t be in that clan. In the rules we sais “As clan leader you will be responsible for the members of your clan – both IC and OOC.  ”
Possibly not many people read that.

That means that if you  need advice, your clan leader is the first person you go to.
If you have problem with a person of another clan, then your clan leader will help you out and you should all contact the other person’ clan leader.
Several clan leaders already do it day by day, and I know that. But if not, then look for someone that leads – for real.

Stamina Loss for Weapons

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

FYI The values for stamina loss have been adjusted for all weapons (melee & range).
They will become active once you reattach your weapon.

Blue Lagoon Cafe and Dolphin Baths

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Because of change of management, these two businesses are now out for rental again. If you are interested in running either one of them, signup at the book outside the respective businesses. If there are more than one person , then we will have a popularity vote to decide.
Thank you!

Skin Setup

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Since the version 2.23, you will be able to setup a different HUD Skin, based on your personal preference, by using the HUD Setup.