Humans and Combat Essential Facts

Human Combat.

Please note that Vampire Stamina is at max 1200 and human at 900 this is to simulate the extra strength of the Vampire, so theoretically the Vampire has an extremely good chance of  winning any encounter.
This has to be, if you don’t like it don’t play Human.
Although the option for warrior mode is still enabled for Humans please do not use it. You should have no use of it.

Paesani Combat:

Paesani are the Hunted.
Any Vampire who approaches them to feed should not take for granted they will get their meal on a plate. Of course it is entirely up to the individual Paesani player how they proceed with the approach. Most I feel would submit. However they are not pathetic blood donors that can be used like the bottles of blood outside the Café. If you want to feed from them you MUST expect to RP the whole encounter. If the Paesani decides to run away the Vampire can chase, and can possibly expect to have to fight for their food. If you are a Vampire who does not like combat and your Paesani sandwich decides to do a runner and is carrying a sword, then simply do not chase it.
This is Why the Vampire chose this method of encounter TO HUNT. IF they wanted a passive meal  they would choose Borghesia Rental.
However Paesani Cannot initiate Combat.
When approached for feeding they must make a decision to allow feeding (they can of course make a big fuss in RP and complain passively),
or to Run.
There lot is to run.
The Law requires that they must first RUN, they are the hunted remember.
They are only allowed to be free because they agree to be passively bitten or RUN.
They can only Resist with combat when cornered, as would any wild animal in such a situation.
Any Human who stands ready to fight without first running may have the force of the Court called upon them, this means that any and all Vampires in the Court who can should flock up the Human and ravage them.
This is the  law and the way humans are kept in their place.
I get very tired of trying to explain the Human position in Venexia to a small minority who still want to play the fearless Vampire hunters, and the “No Vampire is telling me what to do” types. Look people you are in the wrong group , wrong City, wrong Sim. This sim is about an oppressed Race called humans. Breed for food. Go find another sim if you want to simply cause trouble by kicking up a fuss every time you get approached by a Vampire.


I really do not want to see Humans dressed like Ninjas with weapons sticking out all over them.
Paesani can own a low damage weapon and wear it without any trouble.
They may use this weapon in defence should they decided to run from any Vampire who attempts to feed from them
Paesani can own normal damage weapons but if they wear them they will be treated with suspicion by all Vampires, and can be openly questioned in the street. Even asked to remove the Weapon in RP.
Please understand the logic of this from a role play perspective.
You are an oppressed race in a City full of arrogant hungry Vampires. There is no way they would allow the oppressed people to carry dangerous weapons openly in the streets.
Simply imagine Venexia as any occupied country during WW2 and imagine what would happen to the oppressed villager walking around with a machine gun sticking out of his belt if spotted by the Gestapo

Borghesia  Combat

Borghesia do not fight.
They can wear Low damage weapons without any trouble
They can use these weapons to defend themselves if attacked by non renting Vampires.
But they should of course report the Vampire as well for breaking the Court Law.
They should not wear normal Damage weapons.
They have chosen to except their lot as mentioned in other notes.
It would therefore be contradictory for Borghesia to wear normal weapons.
If a Vampire sees a Borghesia wearing a normal Damage weapon they may apply to the Court to have the Humans struck from the Court Register making them Paesani.
Borghesia do not have to run because they cannot be fed upon randomly in the street.
Vampires! If a Borghesia reminds you of their position in Court then leave them be!

Blood Gaunts

Blood Gaunts do not fight or carry weapons
they want to be bitten.