Ireemians to vote for Knights future

Because in the last referendum, we got absolutely zero votes for either repeating election or keeping the status quo, we didn’t really figure out what was best to do for the knights.
The knights are special because they are a closed-enrollment group and people can become a knight only by invitation and get ejected if they don’t respect rules etc.
So because we don’t know how to proceed, Baal and Kora decided to do the following:
– have a referendum open to all ireemians and ask them if they wish to have a re-election for knight leader or they are happy with the current leadership status.
– if most votes are in favor to keep the status quo, nothing else will be done.
– if most votes are in favor to re-election, we will allow the knight group to be open-enrollment, like the other groups and allow time to build clan leaderships (since currently there is isn’t even one clan with enough followers). When clan leaderships are build again, then we will be ready to move forward.