Group Leader Election: Voting starts now!

You may now vote for your own group:

Candidates for Bedu Leaders:

  • bero Kingmaker
  • Velvet Hamelin
  • No Leader

Candidates for Magi Leader:

  • Azriel Dryke
  • No Leader

Candidates for Djinn Leader:

  • wolfenstien Khandr
  • No Leader

Candidates for Slaver Leader:

  • Darklord Trapdoor
  • Eve Forgraine
  • No Leader

Candidates for Undead Leader:

  • Aaronn Pelliot
  • Silent Earthboy
  • Phox Sillanpaa
  • Francois Arai
  • Damien Sack
  • No Leader

Candidates for Dark Knight:

  • Richard Braveheart
  • No Leader
Please read the Ireem Chronicles to check on the Candidate’s Statements / Interview if one was issued.
There were no candidates for Priest Leader, so the Priest Group will not have a leader for now.
If “No Leader” wins, the group will be run by the Council of Clan Leaders, but will not be the direction from one unique Leader.
We will run 2 rounds of votes for those elections with more than 2 selections.
Each round of votes will last 1 week.
You can only vote for your own group.
Voting scrolls are in front of the Good Knight Inn.