Inquisitori in Venexia

We have started the Inquisitori Group.
These fine figures of inhumanity will be on your case anytime now if you have committed crimes or been reported.
Please understand that committing crime is an invitation to interact with the law system. If you have no wish to be arrested then simply do not commit crimes.
All crimes will be prosecuted and result in court and fines etc.
the Inquisitors do not fight but have command of some lethal little friends who do their dirty work for them. If you are arrested please go quietly or you may find you get to know these little imps well.
We have been sorely lacking a fully functioning justice system for a long time now. We hope this will remedy that. Please understand that they are not a Sabat working for their own ends, they are public servants there to help you should you feel you have been wronged in any way. So keep using the crime report board as this is the best way to process crimes. And try to keep on the right side of our at New Inquisitors. We will presently be listing all know laws of the city so you all know what not to do, or do, depending on how much you like prison cells. Please note that the Prison will now be the home of the Inquisitori and the Norferati will return to the dock area.