Blood Gaunts, more notes to think on

Blood Gaunts
Another clarification.
You cannot join the sim and think “Hummmm, now Blood Gaunt, I like the sound of that name, I think that’s what I will be“.
Blood Gaunt IS A SUB ROLE OF HUMAN used for certain special reasons.
It is mostly temporary and dependent upon strict rules.
You Must have an active Vampire Master or Mistress who is daily attending you.
You are a slave so have no rights at all.
Its purpose is for intense RP between Master / Mistress and Slave.
If you Master or Mistress has gone AWOL for longer than a couple of days then you should actively seek to become human again.
If it’s a punishment it will have a set time limit.
If its for the purpose of awaiting enrapture it will last two weeks.
No human would want to be a blood Gaunt !
No human would want to befriend a Blood Gaunt , except perhaps to help them return to human again.
Blood Gaunts are like Heroin addicts in RL.
They cannot be trusted because of their addiction.
Humans never trust them because of their addiction.
This addiction is the reason they are turned to Blood Gaunts, so that their own race no longer clings to them.
So that they are willing slaves.
so they would sell their own family for the thirst.
They become far more instinctive and sensual in their search for sustenance.
But it is an addiction and can cause serious pain if the thirst is not quenched. Which is why it is also a punishment.
Blood gaunts are not poor, poor little things that are having a bad time, they are most likely Hungry eyed devoted servants, aggressively seeking their next fix. They would even kill another human if asked to do so for the one who feeds them.
The chant of the Blood Gaunt is “Feed me Master /Mistress, Feed me, and I will do your will. I will be for you the source of all sustenance, I will be for you anything you want, I will do it for you, Master/ Mistress, but feed me please, I beg you”