Knight Leader Election Update

As I said in the other notice: “If we don’t get at least 20 votes by 2-3 days, I am more inclined to void this election and postpone it to mid-September, and in the meantime do recruiting.”
In a week, there was only 1 more vote, for a total now of 12 votes over 3 choices. So I am afraid that August was a bad month to run election and keep the group closed.
So let’s postpone it all in more more month. We will allow new knight enrollment again, and hope that the group will grow a bit in numbers.

The Knight Leader election is going to be postponed in September (August is a bad month for election… ), and there weren’t enough votes to make it meaningful.
So what it means is that the group is open for enrollment by clan leaders and coleaders. If you were waiting to become knight, please contact a Knight Leader or Coleader and apply for the role.