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Kos Update, Fri 25 December

Friday, December 25th, 2009

SIM Update


– Social Status gives 8 extra points of physical health for each star above the default one. For example:
1 Star (Social Level = 1) : your max physical health is 100;
2 Stars (Social Level = 2): your max physical health is 108;
3 Stars (Social Level = 3): your max physical health is 116;
Max Number of Stars is 5.
You get 1 star from being a clan leader (1 leader and 3 clan members).
You get 1 star for each skill that you master.
Check your web profile or meter to see how many stars you currently have.

– Upgraded SGS HUDs are available at the Game Room, up in the sky entrance. There is a sign on the wall.



KOS Update, Wednesday 23 December

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

SIM Update


– Fixed an exploit of the safezones – who only affected Preys.
– Within a week all previous releases of SGS will become obsolete, so please update it.
(At the moment I am keeping backward compatibility with 30 previous mini-versions — and I need to move forward)
– If you don’t upgrade it, you won’t lose your data, but your HUD/meter won’t be able to initialize and it won’t work.
– Upgraded SGS HUDs are available at the Game Room, up in the sky entrance. There is a sign on the wall.


If you are a clan leader, you may now edit the clan information in your account, such as:
– Information & Rules
– Rename your clan (if you wish)
– URL (if you have an external blog or site for it)
– Password (if you wish to restrict the access to your clan)

If there are at least 2 clan leaders who wish to restrict the access to their clan, I will also add a way for you to eject members
from the clan.
If you don’t pick any password, the clan will stay open enrollment.

To access your account, click on “PROFILE” on your HUD.
– OR – If you have already created an account on, you may also login from the web at:


If you are a new player and need help or information, please join the Kingdom of Sand group.
This is the SURL:


Just copy and paste it in Local Chat, and then click on it. The group is open enrollment but not visible in Search
(to avoid spammers to join us).


Dinky is organizing 2 days full of fun and games on 1 and 2 Jan.
If you wish to partecipate, please IM Dinky Wingtips and signup now (or before Dec 26). More info on the Chronicles:


KOS Update, Monday 21 Dec 2009

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

SIM Update


– Performance optimization (reduced load on the external server)
– Upgraded SGS HUDs are available at the Game Room, up in the sky entrance. There is a sign on the wall.


Dinky is organizing 2 days full of fun and games.
If you wish to partecipate, please IM Dinky and signup now (or before Dec 26). More info on the Chronicles:


Thank YOU everybody to come to the party and share the Xmas with us!
And especially thank to Damien who was our Undead DJ and to our Sultana Zanlu who organized the party!
And of course to Baal to make the island snowy and all decorated for Christmas…


Socionex website

Monday, December 21st, 2009

The socionex website is now open.

Kos Update, Sat 19 December

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

SIM Update


This is mostly for preys. I have accidentally found out that free preys get damage from weapons, and it was never meant to
be like that. So if you are a prey, you should get this update.
Upgrades are available at the game room up in the sky. There is an upgrade sign on the wall.


The clan board of the top 8 clans is up in the game room.
It is web enabled, so you will need to play the Media Player in your SL viewer, if ir doesn’t play it automatically.
If you click on it, it will redirect to the clan profile.


Santa clothes are welcome!

– Hospital Beds Script has been fixed, so it won’t break anymore
– Employment Registers -I need to do a little rewriting of the code and it takes longer than I thought.


Kos Update, Fri 18 December

Friday, December 18th, 2009

SIM Update


The most active clans are now on the Web Page here:

We will have an in-world board to show the same result.
On the Web there is also an explanation of the criteria we use to show the chart.


If you bought a Great Sword (Dark), or the KOS Spear, please go back to the game room and get a copy from the dispenser.
You will receive version 0.20 for those weapons.
The sword had an extra prim, and the spear was attached to the wrong attachment point. Minor bugfixes, but important.


Get ready for the Xmas Party organized by the Sultana and the Palace!
DJ is our OOC beloved Damien Sack
You may dress in Santa clothes.
Where: Xmas Island at Kingdom of Sand. Take the boat to the event island.


Employment for new Ireem residents has been denied since yesterday. We are working on it.
If you are a new resident, please take an unskilled job for today
Floors of the stores needs some washing and sweeping. $75 for a day (10 minute job). Or gardening at the Palace!
Maybe slightly depressing, but a real bargain 😉


Clans, Salaries, Skills

Thursday, December 17th, 2009


Players have been expressed their vote over the SIM rule for the last 12 days. This is the result:

a) Individual Clan leaders and a possible Clan council: 57 VOTES
b) The election of one overall Group leader: 41 VOTES

We will setup a board for the most active clans in the game room, next to the clan register book.
Activity is based on number of members and overall presence at Kingdom of Sand.

Clan leaders will be able to post their rules and info on the web.
Some have requested to restrict the access to their clans….so we will probably take care of this too.


The current daily salaries for skill training are:
70 SG$ for Level 1 Skill
85 SG$ for Level 2 Skill
100 SG$ for Level 3 Skill


The training is complete when you have gained 42 days of training.
Before switching to a different skill, BE SURE you have completed it, by doing the following:
– Check your web Profile to see if your skill is now listed as ‘Mastered Skill’
– Check your meter to see if you gained another star (social level)
– If not, your web profile will show how many training skills you have accruited.

KOS Update 16 Dec 2009

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009


Various Updates:

* Version 0.37 is out! You may pick it up at the game room up at the entrance.
* Busines Rental Prices have now increased (to reflect the new economy growth)
* Taxes at Ireem will return soon
* Safezone information has been copied on the web (
* Added safezone at the auction (suggested by Anya and Mirna)
* Added a 15 seconds timeout to all safezone script – to avoid using safezone to escape capture (based on a feedback from Kylara)
* Added Last Seen On dates on web profiles (suggested by Zoya)
* The vote about the SIM rule over Group Leader election is ending tonight. Hurry up if you haven’t voted yet.
* Small change in Setup, so “race/group” is replacing “group” only (This is mostly for Nomos and Golgothica, where races are more relevant)


* If you rent a business, any other store you are currently renting will NOW become available to other Ireem citizens.
Double renting is not allowed.
* Safezones didn’t work for Preys who were also setup as IC/Non-Combatant. (Fixed with v 0.37)

More Safezones..

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Safezones are also installed at the Arabesque Cafe, House of Pleasure and Physician Office.
These are for all group, not just citizens.
Enable them if / when you need them…

Safezones are enabled…

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Safezones for undead, dark knight, bedu, magi, knights, dungeon keepers, slavers and djinns are enabled and in place. Please let me know if you find any problem with them.
The other ones will be placed in the next 1-2 days

Version 0.36 is out!

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Next time you pass by the entrance, pick up the upgrade 0.36.
This will allow you to use the safezones at KOS.
Upgrades are at the red jar in the game room.

KoS Safezones

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Safezones are returning to Kingdom of Sand, as planned.
However, there are some differences from the old ones, so please read here below:

1) Safezone is now a special plugin at KOS. It was actually not meant to use in all SGS sims
2) To save on performance, thery are not built inside the HUD, so the clicking of a prim is required.
3) The safezone objects are special balls that you will find in all the group camps and in other key areas.
4) Once you click on it, everybody within 15meters from it that qualify for safezone will also be tagged as “Safe”.
5) If you are in a safezone, your meter will display “Safe”.
6) If you are safe, then you don’t get damage within safezones – but you will still be able to combat (if you are enabled for it). If you are a prey, you won’t get captured.
7) So in practice, if you want to hold a meeting in your camp or have a little privacy with your slaves, then safezone is highly recommended. If someone from another group come and mess with you, then you can easily kill him.
8) Because you have to click on something, they may not work so well if you are trying to escape from losing at a fight. Well, we surely hope so.
9) You will need version 0.36 (coming out today) to be able to use safezones.
10) If you are OOC or Non-Combatant, your status won’t change. You won’t get damage if someone attacks you anyway.

Vote on a SIM rule – Group Leader Election

Friday, December 4th, 2009

First we would just like to thank you for all your recent suggestions, sent through the new system. There are some great ideas there and many of them will eventually find their way into the system.

This note is about the many suggestions and complaints we have had about the method of choosing leaders in Groups.

When we first planned out the SGS game we were aware of how all voting systems are open to cheating no matter what you do to guard against it. So we simply decided to do away with overall group leaders, and instead work out a Clan system where each individual Clan leader is responsible for their own group. If these Clan leaders wanted to form some sort of council to determine general group matters, then that would be fine. And even if eventually the council decided that they trusted some individual enough to make them overall leader then that would also be good. But this leader would arise through time spent working in the group, and not imposed from outside by us or elected by some controversial election system.

At Kingdom of Sand we intended to keep group leader system by electing the clan leader with the most members. However, no matter what kind of election we run, it is impossible to guarantee that the election will be completely fair. It is hard to decide who is elegible to vote, and who is an ALT or not. One vote IN or OUT, and a different leader may win.

So we are tempted to apply the clan system to KOS as well, but we -Baal and Kora- feel that *YOU* should decide what you want and express a vote on this matter.

You will be voting for either

a. Individual Clan leaders and a possible Clan council, as explained above


b. The election of one overall Group leader

How to vote?

Get the most recent version of the HUD (0.35). Click on HELP -> VOTE where you will be prompted to express your vote.
Login to
(if you have already picked a password)

Version 0.34 is out!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

FYI, This is just an improvement of the registration back-end code for new players, so it is an optional upgrade, if you already have a copy of it.

Version 0.33 is out!

Monday, November 30th, 2009

There are a few tweaks in here, including a SL bug that I fixed by processing code on our external server (instead of waiting for SL to fix it … ).
Anyway, it is not a mandatory version, but it is advisable to get it. It is available at the red jar in the game room, as usual.
Thank you.

Law & Order Skill Items

Monday, November 30th, 2009

For those who are training for law & order, the new skill items now works on Delinquent and Depraved Moral Levels (below 50%).

About Food / Blood

Monday, November 30th, 2009

A few things you may not know about it:
– if the food is served from a business, the owner (cash till) will receive 2$ from every item they sell.
– if you are in the wrong food type (blood instead of food and viceversa), you won’t be able to buy it
– if you don’t have money, you won’t be able to buy it
– it will also check for your health before you pay for it, so you won’t waste any money – hopefully 😉

Food/Blood – small delay

Monday, November 30th, 2009

I am changing all food/blood scripts at KOS. There will be a 20 seconds delay between paying for it, and receiving the food. You will need to wait within 10 meters from it to be able to receive what you ordered, or your food may end up to be wasted.
This was suggested by Seraf / Baal.

RP Limits in your profile

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Suggested by Louisia, now your web profile has a separate section for your RP Limits (and your likes and dislikes). It is not mandatory, but if you have RP limits, it is better to write them down, to avoid OOC discussions over this.
To access your profile, click on Profile from the HUD, or, if you have picked a password, you will be able to access directly on the web.

Weapon Damage again….

Monday, November 30th, 2009

I tuned the weapon’s values based on Richard’s suggestion. Please detach and wear your weapon again, if you are at KOS. If you think that they are unbalanced, go and beat Richard up, or/and then submit a new suggestion. Thank you.