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New Nomos Longbows

Monday, April 11th, 2011

If you are interested in bows, we have just released the Compound 3000 series of longbows. They are available in the game room, at the Wolfkopf store in Nomos.

Weapon Type: BOW

SGS v 2.0

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Just an heads up. We are getting ready to release the new version of the SGS this week. This is a MAJOR release. In the last year, we have had time to see pros and cons about specific functionalities, so we are making huge improvements.  I am not sure exactly what day this is going to happen yet, but the day of the release, things may probably be a little bit “bumpy”. If you have many items in inventory, please use them. Some of them may have changed in the meantime, and won’t work the same.

SGS v 0.92

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Small change. The randomness of combat dice should apply to the damage inflicted too, so I made the damage value as random number.
Small change, but it has already been released, if you wish to try it out.
The updates are all free and available at the Game Room at the entrance of the SIMs.

SGS v. 0.91 Upgrade

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

We just released a new upgrade.
You are now able to set yourself as Non-Combatant (yes, it is back). However, if you cause a conflict or enter a dispute, you will be asked to use combat dice (built-in in the HUD).
The loser will lose 6 health points each time they roll a dice.
It will work only between version 0.91, so please upgrade.
Some more guidelines  will follow.
Also the combat dice will work for slaves/preys/owned/safezone and all other cases when regular weapons wouldn’t work.

Guidelines to use Combat Dice:

The rise and fall of physical health in the meter is one of the main driving factors for having to use all the other game elements like food and drink drugs etc which lead on to the correct functioning of all the other parts of the game.
So we devised what we shall call combat dice.
We ask that all Players who wish to use RP combat instead of meter based weapon combat use these dice so that their chosen form of combat conforms to the SGS system.
We realise that many RP purists will still not see this as a solution, but we ask that they give it a try in the interests of our efforts to try to harmonise a mechanical system with a purely text based system.

Example :
Jack: “Draws his knife and tries to deliver a fatal blow to the chest of his attacker before she is ready”
Jack: Throws dice: score 4
Jill: throws dice: score 5
Jill wins
Jill: “Quickly dodges this lame attempt at a quick attack by leaping to her right, Takes out her Machete and brings it up in a sweeping motion  towards the outstretched arm of the attacker”
Jill: throws dice, score 3
Jack: throws dice, score 1
Jack looses 6 Physical points from his meter.
Jack “ Feels the blade of the machete slice into his forearm opening a large cut that begins to splash blood onto the pavement”
This continues until one player looses all their physical points same as in straight meter combat.

Of course all role play combatants would have to agree to this Dice combat system before even entering the game.


A few more info about upgrades

Friday, December 10th, 2010

a) The knuckeduster in the game package was not updated, so I released a v 0.86 – the only different from v 0.85 is that it contains a working knuckleduster. Upgrade is optional. (both KOS and Nomos)
b) The Great Sword Slaine Clean had one of the two object ‘no copy/no transfer/no modify’, instead of ‘no transfer/no modify’, so I repackaged the sword and it is now available.
c) The treasure hammer has been upgraded and it is available at the blacksmith if you want to buy it with game money (G$)

Weapons Upgrade v 0.90 (KOS)

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

All KOS weapons have been upgraded to v 0.90
Soon the older weapons will be disabled.
Upgrades are FREE and available at the Game Entrance by clicking on the sign for “SGS Upgrades” or “Delivery Problems”. Either one will give up copies of everything.
If you have a problem, IM me. Thank you

Also, the KOS Treasure Hammer has been upgraded to 0.90. There isn’t an automatic upgrade for it. You can either go to the Blacksmith and pay G$500 (game money) for one, or, if you cannot afford another one, ask Kora to help you out.

From now on, if the Crowbar (Nomos) or Treasure Hammer (KOS) have an upgrade, they will be delivered with the SGS Upgrade.

Weapons Upgrade v 0.90 (Nomos Only)

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

All weapons in Nomos have been upgraded, due to some changes of the SL viewer. A few more info:
a) Chainsaw and Circular Saw are now type LONGSWORD
b) the code of all first release weapons has been optimized and unified, and made used of new LSL functions.
Tomorrow version 0.90 will become mandatory in Nomos, but you can get a free upgrade at the SIM entrance. Click on the SIGN for HUD Upgrades. If you have any problem, IM Kora Zenovka.

Cat’O Nine Tails

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

This whip is *special*. It is not for combat, and it is for punishment. What happens with this whip is that works on captives (who are usually unable to receive damage) and in safezones too. It has very low damage. However, like all other weapons, it should be used accompanied by proper roleplay . DO NOT USE to go to safezones and annoy other people. If you use it properly in safezone, everybody tagged as ‘safezone’ is also allowed to draw their weapon (full damage) and use it on you.


Friday, August 6th, 2010

If you are interested in shooting with guns at KOS, the Flintlocks (gold or silver) are now on sale at the Game room in KOS. Other guns (such as Nomos guns) are not allowed in KOS.
Weapon type = HAND_GUN

Chainsaw and Circular Saw

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Chainsaw and Circular Saw are ready!
They are weapon_type SWORD, and they are available at the Manslaughter store just below the game room.

Metropol Baton

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

The Metropol Baton is now available at the Metropol Store.
The Metropol outfits/weapons are restricted to actual players of the Metropol.

Zipgun Upgrade

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

The ZipGun has been changed to work like the other SL guns.
The challenge to make a gun to work without rezzing has been proven too ambitious.
So Nomos is now enabled rezz perms with 1 minute autoreturn.
Please consider that the rezz permission is ONLY for shooting with SGS guns.
To get an update of the zipgun, please use the HUD Upgrade sign at the entrance, next to the big HUD sign.