Arga Domia

Of Pangea, its Lands, Tribes and other beings.

Pangea  long ago was divided into 4 natural regions.
The cold Northlands are called Thule and the people of these lands are called the  Norska
Their greatest god is called Nodens. Their priests are called Volva
The burning Eastern deserts are called the Samhara and the tribes that live there the Bedu
Their  God with no form  they call El, their priests are not know.
The forests and grassy plains of the West are called Avalonia and its tribes are called the Keltoi
These people worship the Goddess Danu. their priests are called Druida.
The Jungles and swamplands of the South  are called Amazonia and its people called the Anuki.
Their main goddess is called Umana and their wise Shamanka
These are the 4 main tribes of Pangea.
There are other nomad tribes that live on the borders of the tribal lands. Of these peoples it is said, they are born away from the hearth. This meaning, they were born of the coupling of a man and woman from different tribes
This practice is discouraged by all tribes.
Some of the larger of these nomad tribes are:
The Romani gypsies from the western hills of Avalonia
Their Goddess is called Hecate, they are thought to be Wytch
The Warg, a wild shunned race from the  borderlands of Thule
Their Gods are uncertain but some say it is the wolf  God Fenris. It is said they are Were
The Corsairi, Pirates and slave traders from the Eastern coast of Samhara
Their God is Jupitus, the god of luck, commerce and wealth.
The Amazoi, a tribe of warrior women from the Northern jungles of Amazonia
Their Goddess is the cat headed Panthea. They take the heads of men it is said.
Unlike Gargantua, the wild places of Pangea had been left un disturbed through the Arga.
In fact many of these places were held as scared to the spirits of Arque by the tribes of Pangea.
And over time these natural spirits had taken forms and grown along side the men and the beasts.
Some walked in the day and some walked by night, as is the way of all things.
In Thule they are called Eleven and are said to be rules by
In Samhara they are called Djinn they worship the fire called Zin
In Avalonia they are called Fae or  Sidhe their Queen is Mab
In Amazonia there are called Loa their chief is Obeah
The spirits of the oceans are called  Mer their god is called Oceanus

I know of one more race of creatures that dwell in Pangea
They are the cursed of Arque, Demons born of the warped desires and fears of men.
They also in time have taken form and dwell in the dark places of Arque.
In Samhara they are called Gul, the Undead,  their Goddess is Hora Ma, Destruxtrix
In Avalonia they are called Fomori, their God is Balor of the evil eye
In Thule they are called Vhen, their God is Satanus
In Amazonia they are Baka, their worship is unclear.

In some tribal groups there is one chief or king who rules all the Clans
Otherwise the tribal hierarchy is headed by the Clan leader.
Equal in power to the clan leader is the chief Priest
Next are the warrior class
Next the ordinary men and women of the tribe
Finally the slaves.

Of the Gods of Gargantua that came to Pangea

These are the Gods of the Gargantuans that came with their tribes to settle the lands of Pangea
The great Goddesss of the Perzians is called Zin Ray
The God of the Vorgoths is called Orcus.
The God of the Tolmeks is the god that demans blood called Tzula
The God or the Caesariens is the war God Romanus


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