Of the Origin of all things

Before all things there was Nu
Alone in the infinite unbecoming.
For many Arga she slept in dreamless sleep.
Then her sleep became disturbed by dreams of sadness
And there arose in her the Serpent of Desire
Born from the endless longing for other.
And this Longing formed a point of intense light within her
And this was her lover called Numa
And she rejoiced for she was no longer alone.
And Numa watched as Nu moved up him in Ecstatic play
And from her womb flowed the Black sea of space
And their children the stars.

Of the chosen of Rae

And though Nu loved all of her children there was one she loved above all others, this was Rae.
To Rae she gave a special gift. She formed a hollow in the Black sea of space and poured into it salt waters that became oceans.
Then she caused to rise up out of the oceans two great land masses one called Gargantua and the Other Pangea, and this gift she called Arque.
And Rae gave thanks to his mother for the great gift. And he cared for Arque, showering it with his light and warmth so that it grew and filled with life.
But when he rested each evening he saw that Arque grew cold dark and sad. So he choose a wife from amongst his followers and she was called Luna, and he set her to care for Arque while he slept.
When Nu saw Arque was so full of life she was greatly pleased with Rae and the care he had taken with the Gift she had given him.  She asked him to choose one race of beasts from all those that dwelt up Arque, that she might bless them and help them grow further beyond all other life.
And Rae chose those called Homanus.
So Nu passed among them and blessed them. And some were blessed in the heart and some in the head, but all of them rose up together upon there hind legs and held out their hands in thanksgiving to the father of the day, Rae, and the mother of the night, Luna. And never again did the Homanus walk upon all fours as did the other beasts of the fields.


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