OffWorld Decontamination Ops


A cargo space freighter sits off planet but has been infected by the virus turning the crew into zombies. Obviously they do not want this to land but they do want the cargo.
At specific times through out a day, or possibly random times a message goes out in the hud to players that a crew of mercenaries is needed for one of these cleanup missions, they go to the TP point, a space shuttle, and when 5 players have taken their places, they are TPed up to the cargo ship. They land in the cargo bay and have to fight their way through the corridors to the bridge where they have completed the mission and can TP down. They must kill a set amount of Zombies before they can leave and have a time limit to do this in. There are extras like each person has a bit of code which they need to enter into one of the 5 on board computers to disable the auto pilot. They get paid for these missions or not if they fail in the time. If they fail they return to earth with the virus themselves and a message goes out to the other players in the sim that these people are legal targets until they get vaccinated. Each player can only be considered for a trip to the ship once a day so its fair for everyone. Obviously this would need to run a while and be changed if it does not work right. There are many other possibilities such as gang fights on the ship , rebels have taken over and another team of maybe Metropol have to go get them out.

Please wear a SGS HUD version 0.88 and above to join the mission. Free upgrades are available at the entrance of the SIM and at the Mars shuttle, if you didn’t have time to go back and pick one.


How can I join the crew?

Check on your HUD screen to see when the next cargo will arrive. If it is coming, then go to the Shuttle to Mars at the Refinery, and click on the keyboard to Signup. Then sit on your assigned seat and wait while other player signup. After 15 minutes the recruiting phase is over, and by then if there are at least 3 players, the mission will start. If there are 5 players, the mission will start as soon as the whole crew signed up.

How many players can play?

Each crew must be 3 to 5 players. If there won’t be enough players  at the time of registering for the mission, the mission will abort, and the cargo will be redirected to a different destination.  There will be soon a limit of 1 mission a day for each player (that will also depends on how many players and missions will run a day).

How often does this event run?

There is a cargo ship arriving every few hours randomly (minimum 1.5 hours, max 3.5 hours). A message will be sent to the HUD, and you can also find out at the sign-up computer, located at the Shuttle to Mars. The frequency will be adjusted based on number of participants.

How often can I play?

The recruiting phase lasts 15 minutes at most. The first 5 minutes are reserved to players who haven’t been part of the D-Con in the last 24 hours. The other 10 minutes, if the crew is not full yet, anybody can join. This way, we give everybody the opportunity to play, if they wish so.

How do I restore my health when I am on the cargo?

Make sure that you are at full health when you sign up for this mission. Also take some armor shield with you, that you can use to refill your physical when needed. The cargo ship has 8 First Aid Kit on board (5 in the rooms on the main floor, and 3 in the ventilation system). By clicking on them, your health will immediately go to 100. But then it will take a random time between 5 to 10 minutes for the kit to refill. So we estimate you will have about 36 kits to use on-board to share with the rest of the crew members. Use them thoughtfully.

What is the security code for?

On board the security system is out of service and you have 30 minutes before evacuation unless you regain control of the ship. To regain the control of the ship, you have to unlock the 5 security terminals located on board in different place of the ship. Each terminal can be unlocked only by one player with that specific security code. If the terminal screen is scrambled, it means it is still locked. Click on it and try to use your security code. If it recognized you and you type your code correctly, it will unlock. Each player has one terminal to unlock. Check on the SGS HUD to see the status of the security system and how many terminals are still locked.

How many zombies do we need to kill?

As a crew, you will have to kill a set amount of zombies to kill, so about 10-15 zombies each player. The zombies are rezzed at the speed of 5 every minute or so in random locations on the ship. You will need to find them and kill them as quickly as possible. Once the zombies are killed and the security system is completely unlocked, the zombies will stop to rez, but there might be still some of them hanging around.

How long do the zombie survive?

A zombie lasts 5.5 minutes. If you don’t kill it, it will die and disappear anyway.

What kind of weapon can I use?

You can use any SGS weapon you like, either melee or range weapon. There are pros and cons in both of them. Try them on and see what works best for you.

How much time do we have to complete the mission?

There are 3 levels of difficulty:

– EASY: 30 minutes and 10 zombies to kill for each player.

– MODERATE: 22 minutes and 12 zombies to kill for each player.

– DIFFICULT: 18 minutes and 15 zombies to kill for each player.

Check on the HUD to see the progress of the mission. The result is updated every minute.

What happens if we cannot complete the mission?

You must evacuate the cargo as soon as possible. Use the Escape POD that you see when you first land there. Click on it and you will be teleported out.

We complete the mission. Now what?

If you complete the mission, you should reach the control room. You will see 5 chairs there. All crew members should sit there, and the cargo will be landed to the ground. At the same time, all the crew will get paid. Attention: only crew of 5 can use the control room. If your crew is smaller, use the Escape POD.

How much money do we make?

If you complete the mission successfully as team, you will get paid a bonus of G$ 100 each + bonus for each zombie you kill. The bonus is G$ 6 (EASY), G$ 8 (MODERATE), G$ 10 (DIFFICULT). If you fail, you will make G$4 for each kill, and no bonus. The pay is credited in your bank account directly. If you have played more than once in the last 24 hours, you will get a consolation prize (G$50 or less, if your performance on the mission was poor).

What if I leave the mission before it is over?

Please – at least – unlock your terminal before leaving. Use the escape POD to leave the cargo and you will get paid. However if you simply teleport out the SIM, you won’t get any pay whatsoever.

What if I crash? Can I come back?

Yes, if you crash, come back to the ship, or ask someone to teleport you back there, and you can resume your mission.

I got infected by an unknown virus. Now what?

If the mission isn’t successful, the whole crew will be infected by a new strain of virus. The regular vaccine won’t work on this virus. Once you come back, the Nomos residents will be informed that the mission failed and the crew was infected and they will be asked to shoot at you on sight. Please hurry to the Genotek Decontamination Room to be decontaminated by any virulent agent. Your body will also be cleared up from past vaccines. If you don’t want to go back to Genotek, you can also wander about the street of Nomos and roleplay your infection. It is up to you.

Last modified: June 2, 2011

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