Clan Management

Clan Register

At the Sky Entrance (Game Room) you will find the clan register. Touch it twice to get the menu. Possible options:

  • Create a new clan
  • Browse Clans
  • Joining a clan
  • Resign
  • Leave a clan
  • Nominate a leader (if the clan is currently orphan)
  • Approve a clan
  • Help

Create a Clan

If you feel that you have the time and experience to form your own Clan, then then you may do so. Your clan will exist, but it won’t grant you the leader status unless 4 other players are part of it. Being clan leader will award you of an extra rank (stars). If the number of the clan members goes below 5, you will lose the star..

  • Choose ‘Create’ from the menu
  • When you are asked to, type the name of your clan in local chat.
  • Clan names MUST be unique for the same SIM/game AND they cannot exceed 20 characters. Invalid names will be rejected.
  • Clan can have the same name of a clan which has already been closed down due to inactivity.

If the clan doesn’t have the minimum amount of members, it will not appear in the player’s meter. Once the clans reach the quota, after 24 hours or so, they will become ‘official’ and it will show up in the meter.

Joining a Clan.

  • You need to know the numeric ID of the clan you wish to join.
  • If you don’t know the ID, please browse clans first.
  • If the clan is password protected, you also need to know the password. Ask the clan leader what is the password
  • Choose ‘Join’ from the menu.
  • When prompted, type the ID (and password) in local chat on channel 7. Example, if you wish to join clan 10, you should type: “/7 10 clanpassword”
  • You MAY change your clan affiliation at any time

If the clan doesn’t have the minimum amount of members, it will not appear in your meter. However, once the quota is met, after 24 hours, the clan will be approved, and it will become an ‘official’ clan.

Resignation/Election/Orphan Clans

If you decide to step back as leader, you may resign and nominate another clan member to the leader position.

Please use the Clan Register board to resign from the position

If you are currently the leader of a clan and you decide to join another clan or change group, your current clan will automatically become an orphan clan

Members of an orphan clan may decide to have an internal leader election, or not. When a clan is orphan any member of the clan may take the leadership of the clan or nominate another member as leader of the clan.

Clan Management (Web)

If you are a clan leader, you may now edit the clan information in your account, such as:

  • Information & Rules
  • Rename your clan (if you wish)
  • URL (if you have an external blog or site for it)
  • Password (if you wish to restrict the access to your clan)
  • Eject a member from your clan (only works when that member is NOT in the SIM)

If you didn’t choose any password, your clan will be open enrollment and any player may join.

To access your account, click on “PROFILE” on your HUD. – OR – If you have already created an account on, you may also login to Your Account

Mixed Race Clans (change July 2010)

Since an exploit of the code (sort of documented bug) players were able to create mixed-race clans anyway, we made it official, and now you can too.

Just a word of advice. When you have a mixed-race clan, your clan as a whole may not be welcomed in the race/group HQs (which is safezone just for one race).

Example KoS – if you are Undead and you belong to a Bedouin clan, do not expect a warm welcome if you go to the Bedu camp. You will likely to be attacked.

If you create a mixed-race clan, please just make it meaninful for roleplay.

Clan Approval

Approved Clan Leaders may approve other clans. It is a requirement for a clan to have at least 1 other leader to support a clan.

The approval is given to the leader for that specific clan. If the leader resigns and a new leader gets nominated, he will have to find another leader to give him approval.

Also, if an approved leader decides to form a new clan, he will still need a leader to approve his new clan.

A clan may also have multiple leaders to give their approvals, but only 1 is required.

In short, we need one other clan that like to play with you 🙂

The approvals are final, so you think twice before giving approval.

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Last modified: April 1, 2012