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Dice (new)

If you get into a dispute and you cannot find a way out, you can ask the other player to roll a dice. Highest roll will win.

Click on ‘Dice’. A request will be sent to the other player. If s/he agrees, the result of your dices will show up in local chat.

Dice is not mandatory, but if you both agree to it, please play along with whatever output will be.

Read more about Dice


Click on ‘Pay’, if you want to transfer game money to another player. Then a message will show up in local chat with the instructions. You will be asked to type the amount of money. Example: 100

Since v 2 of the SGS, the payment between two players is processed between bank accounts in 1 step. That way has two benefits: 1) it is logged (to avoid exploits) 2) the transactions – withdraw and deposit –  will both succeed or fail. (and no more losing money because SL is having a bad day or the SIM is laggy!).

Payment will fail if you mispell the name of the other player, or if you don’t have enough money in your bank account.


This will move your avatar just next to your “victim” and you will pickpocket the player. You have a random chance to win. Either if you fail or you succeed, the other player will receive an alert popup and advice to denounce you for pickpocketing.  You cannot pickpocket the same person twice in a row. And if you try it , you will receive a message. Remember, pickpocket can annoy people in-game, and they will likely to seek justice or revenge.

Pickpocketing a OOC player will always fail.


If you are infected, you may transmit your disease to other players.


If you like some players and you had a fun roleplay with them, please let them know. When you give a compliment, the other player will receive an alert message to explain that you complimented them, and one more “heart” in their meter. You may compliment the same player more than once, but the counter will not increase.

Do Not RP

If you have issues with another player and/or you feel annoyed, uneasy or uncomfortable, you should try to talk with him/her in IM / OOC. If you talk with them nicely, they will likely listen and adjust their behaviour. However, there are cases where talking is useless and you want to stop them from interacting with you in-game. If you feel that way, then click on ‘Do Not RP’. This will send a request to them to not interact with you anymore in game. If they ignore your request and give you any griefance, you should report the harassment and the abuse to both us and Linden Lab. (Link)


Neutral Feedback removes any previous compliment or do not RP requests for that players. No warning will be sent out.


This will redirect you to the victim menu


This will open the web browser and show you this page


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Last modified: June 21, 2011