The number with the little heart in the meter indicates the number of Role play compliments that you have received from other players.

At any time during or after a role play exchange you can click on the interact button on the Menu scroll in the HUD, choose the name of the person, then click ‘compliment’ and a compliment point will be given to that player.

Note: We would have like to have integrate this score much more into the system so that it had an actual effect on one or more of the scores, but we could see no way of protecting it from mass cheating. Regardless of this we still believe it is a very good indicator to have in the meter.


If you change you mind and you wish to remove a compliment you gave to another player, then do the following:

  • Go closer to that player (within 15 meter)
  • Click on the button “Interact” on the HUD
  • Select the name of the player from the list
  • Then click on ‘Neutral’
  • The player will not be notified about this (although his total compliment counts will decrease).


Last modified: May 15, 2011