Meter Modes

Please become familiar with the different Meter Modes:

Combat Mode

  • Default Combat Mode: the meter is active, and it shows the player combat preference
  • Warrior Mode: the meter is active, and it shows the player combat preference
  • Non-Combatant Mode: the meter is active, and the player is unable to engage in meter combat (deprecated mode, but still working for older players)

Training Mode

Allowed ONLY in the areas where training is admissible (e.g. Fight Club and Skyway Arena at Nomos and Arena and Skull Island at KOS). While in training mode, you can training your combat skills without the need to eat or heal. If you activated the gesture, type ‘/training’ in local chat to enable training mode, and type it again to return to normal state.


The meter is active, and the player cannot receive damage within a certain perimeter for the sim. Learn more about safezones

Hidden (was: Disguised)

That will help you to hide your RP racial identity (e.g. your demon nature if you look like human). However people will assume you are what you look like. If you look a demon and you wanted to look human, setting your meter ‘disguised’ won’t help, unless you change your outfit and skin and shape into human. Also,  your ‘disguised’ status doesn’t make you invisible, if you commit a crime.

Note 24 September 2010:  There has been some confusion regarding the wording “Disguised mode” as it appears in the meter. This was only ever supposed to indicate that the disguised function of the meter had been turned on by the player. This option was added so that a player could hide their RP information from other players in order to promote better RP and discourage meter reading I.e. a player meets someone they have never met before in the sim, reads their meter and says  “Hi how long have you been a Demon“.
This function has however been misinterpreted to mean “I am now wearing a physical disguise, so you cannot recognize me” Obviously SL is a visual medium, if you want to hide something then you need to do it in-world. We think the confusion is caused by actually having the Words “Disguised” in the Meter, so we have removed it in the hope that it will go back to being a simple RP aid.


You set yourself in OOC mode by using /OOC gesture. Please type /OOC in local chat to return to active mode.

You cannot combat, and you cannot receive damage. Also you cannot eat or heal while in OOC mode (this is to avoid people switching to OOC just before losing a fight and regain their health protected by the OOC mode).

Please keep all your public conversation strictly in IM, or in OOC mode by typing ‘/22’ in front of the sentences if you must use local chat

Unconscious/Defeated/Unabled to Heal

This is when you ransom or get knocked out after losing a fight. During this mode you will spend 2 minutes on the ground unconcious, and 3 minutes standing up, still recovering.

While in this state,  please do not try to reset the meter or reattach it, unless you want to reset the timer from 0. You should roleplay your defeat and your unconscious state. You are unable to fight. You won’t be able to heal, but you also won’t receive more damage. Do not use the bank. Do not signup for work. Do not use any scripted item. You are knocked out, wounded with no health.

Rezzing Mode

You just entered the SIM or teleported in. Your meter will go to ‘Rezzing Mode’ for mainly two reasons:

  • To protect you from random attacks while you are still rezzing and unable to defend yourself
  • To avoid that you were called to help a friend in the middle of a fight while he is about to lose.

While in rezzing mode you cannot suffer damage from other weapons and/or captured, and you will not be able to use any weapon.

Rezzing mode last 1-2 minutes.


Last modified: September 29, 2011