Metered Bot Rat

Where do I find them?

Currently in Kingdom of Sand, Golgothica (and Nomos). They spawn randomly, but they are usually hidden in basements, sewers, dark places, or inside jars/boxes.

What do they do?

Rats are scripted bots. They target players and attack them. They carry a disease, and if you don’t kill them first, they will bite and infect you.

How can I defend myself from them?

They have their own health meter (100%). They can be fought with any SGS  weapons (melee, range, or tools – such the treasure hammer). Once you hit them, their health will drop at a random %. At 0% health, they will die.

If I am a captured prey / prisoner, what can I do?

You cannot use a regular weapon, so get a treasure hammer, crowbar, or another tool and use it against them.

If I don’t defend myself, what will it happen?

If they target you, they will hit you. Your health will drop at about 1.4% at each collision. After about 40 collisions and/or 5 minutes, they will bit and infect their target. Once you are infected, you will need to use a potion/medical remedy to get rid of the disease.

Can I ask my friend to help me out?

Your friends can also fight or shoot at them. Warning: rats will attack back whoever is attacking them.

I don’t have a weapon, and I really don’t want to get infected.

Rats love crowds. If a rat is going after you, simply run close to other players. It will soon start to chase someone else. Then run away as fast as possible.

Can I be infected again?

After you use an Herbal Potion (or Vaccine) to cure the disease, you will be protected by any disease until the end of the month. So if today is Aug 15, and you use an Herbal Potion on yourself, you won’t contract any disease until Aug 31.

 What happens if I kill the rat?

If you fight against the rat, and it dies, there are 2 options:

  1. if the rat shows some signs of disease, you will not pick it up;
  2. if the rat seems healthy, then you will pick it up and store in your inventory. You will also be asked if you wish to store it for eating later or to sell it. Or you can decline the offer. Once you accept it, the rat item will last 3 days in your inventory.

Where do I find the Herbal Potion?

It can be found in jars hidden in the SIM. You can buy it from an Alchemist, or you can get it from other people if they have it in their inventory. Or you can use the tools in the Alchemist store to make one yourself.

 Can I still sell it to the Store Owners?

At the moment this function is disabled. Anyway dead rats could allow the store owners to do extra refills of their own food and drinks sold off the shelves.


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Last modified: September 1, 2011