Manage Your Rental


Click on the handle of the door or the rental box next to it to see the menu:

rental menu (main)

rental system (main menu)


Rent Status

It will display the current rental information for your apartment. Example:

[15:33]  *KoS 2 Rental: Test 1 #282:
KoS 2 *KoS 2 Rental: Test 1 #282

Current Rental Status: ==> VACANT

Not currently rented.  If you pay for rental, you will be accepting
terms and conditions of the contract. Rent is not refundable.
Last Tenant: Kora Zenovka (EXPIRED on 22 Jul – 3:33PM)

Rental Fees & Info
Promotional Price: L$ 273 ( 83% of L$ 330 )
Max Num of Prims: 55
Rental Time: 2 weeks min, 8 weeks max
Touch Rental Box to use Menu

To pay rent, right-click on this sign/board, and select ‘Pay’.
Prices depends on your choice of prim limits per minimum weeks



It will send you to the Residential Agreement Page or Business Agreement Page

Once you pay for rent, you will automatically accept this agreement, so make sure to read it before proceeding with your lease.


It will redirect you to the page to show all vacant apartments or store for this SIM.


By clicking this, you will be redirected to a page where you can compare your prim limits with the number of prims you rezzed (and also the friend you may share prim with).




You can always change your prim number at any time. Changing number of prims will affect your current price and the remaining future rental.

Once you click on it,  you will see a list of possible prim limits and relative prices for your apartment.

If you wish to have a different prim limit, choose one and after you confirm it, your remaining rental time (if you are currently a tenant) will be adjusted.

If you later change your mind, and you wish to have lower prim limit and longest rental time, you can switch back as you wish.

Rental System (Prim Menu)

Rental System (Prim Menu)



If you are the current tenant you can use the tenant menu for more commands:

Rental System (Tenant Menu)

Rental System (Tenant Menu)



If you wish to terminate your rental and empty the property, please click on this. Also remember to leave the SL group (either ‘SGS Estate’, ‘Nomos RLM’, ‘Kingdom of Sand LM’) reserved to tenants, if that was the only property that you rented.

This will terminate your rental, and you won’t receive any more reminders about expiration.


Click this if you want to have a friend or a partner to share prims with. Only ONE co-tenant for parcel is allowed. Only someone who is not currently a tenant in the same parcel.

You can also remove this friend at any time.

To add a new friend, type in local chat:

share with John Linden

To remove a prior sharing permission, type in local chat:

share with nobody

If your friend doesn’t belong to the ‘Nomos RLM’ (for Nomos) or ‘Kingdom of Sand LM’ (for KoS) or ‘SGS Estate’ (for Golgothica),  ask Kora or Baal to invite your friend to the group as well.



If you are the current tenant, you can manage the Door Access List.

Rental System (Door Menu)

Rental System (Door Menu)

By default only tenants can open and close the door. If you wish to extend the access to your apartment to your friends,  add them to the door access list.

To carry out any of the commands below, simply touch the rental box again. It will show a menu with all possible commands:

  • Add: add 1 or more names to the access list
  • Remove: remove 1 name from the access list
  • Show: show everybody in the access list
  • Clear: clear access list (remove all names)

When you are asked to add names, you can add one name at a time, or a list of names separated by comma.

Please make sure that you type the name of your friends, exactly as they appear in Second Life.

Once your rental is over, you will no longer be able to operate the door and your access control list will be wiped!



Reserved to Kora and Baal as rental administrators.




  • Apartment in KoS cannot customize their own music stream. They will all share the region music stream.


  • The villas are on a different parcel, so they have their own music stream.
  • All apartments are grouped in different parcels, so you will share the music streams with several tenants.
  • When you share music, please be considerate towards other tenants.
  • Behind the doors of the villas or in shared location for the others there is music controller.
  • Click on it to see a menu. There are 6 pre-set radio stations commercial-free with different gender of music.
  • You may also add your own music stream if you are a tenant there.




Last modified: July 22, 2011