Golgothica Dress Code

General About Dress Code in Golgothica

The overall feel of the sim is anything from Medieval, Renaissance, through to almost Gothic Victorian.
What it most definitely is not is Contemporary Modern or, god forbid, Futuristic.
Nothing remotely resembling anything that has appeared in the last 100 years has a place here. And preferably dress should be from a period much further back in the past than that.
No over sized Avatars PLEASE! Avatars should never be bigger than the tallest settings for a Human Avatar.
The sim is very much based on a Beauty and the Beast Dynamic ( Not the Disney version I hasten to add) . So we expect serious beauty from the Preys and either  disgusting beastliness from the Predators or possibly, and much more harder to obtain, Stunningly beautiful  or handsome evil.

The races here are

  • Human
  • Vampire
  • Demon
  • Werewolf/ Lycan
  • Wytch (A spelling of Witch that will hopefully distinguish them from the new age goodness and light variety, we want our wytchs dark evil sadistic and powerful, like all the good old witches used to be.


Humans are medieval villager types at heart. But no one will complain at all if they look like 17/18th century romantic Gothic.


Vampires need very little direction on dress sense as they are more often than not impeccably dressed from some past time.

Demon/ Werewolf.

We have had some problems in the past dealing with people who cannot tell the difference between realistic looking Demonic/ Lycan,  and the cartoon versions.
Unfortunately I, Baal, have a intensely keen sense of what looks realistic and what looks like Hanna Barbera or Disney.
To help out on this issue I will list bellow one or two content creators who I think are on the right side of reality, so if you are stuck for a look then look no further.

There are of course many others, these are just those I have knowledge of and admire.


I am pretty sure Wytchs need no instruction, the more medieval and ancient looking the better though, and dark of course. Bring back the Witch of childhood nightmares who lived on a steady diet of children.


Realistic Animals ONLY.

Please note that all animals will automatically become prey and should therefore look for an owner or expect to be captured if not. The only possible way out of this is, for instance, if you are a wolf then you should possibly choose werewolf as your race, then you will be Predator and no longer hunted.

If there is any doubt, please ask.


Are furries allowed to play in any SGS sims?

Once again we must unfortunately say no to Furry characters.

Are dragons allowed to play in Golgothica?

Mostly no, but if you feel that your avatar may fit Golgothica, IM Baal or Kora for approval.

Do wytches have to be fully human?

No, they may have supernatural features (such as horns, and other woodland accoutrements).

Can mermaids play in Golgothica?

If you feel you can fit the mermaid into the game play in Golgothica, you are welcome to try it.




Last modified: July 24, 2011