Drugs in Nomos.

Recreational Drugs

There are three main recreational drugs found on the streets of Nomos.

The most common, and none illegal, is Root. A simple plant based narcotic high.

Next in strength is the illegal Benzaflorizone or Buzz, a blue coloured pill.
This chemical concoction induces super awareness and raises energy levels by numbing pain sensors and opening reward systems in the brain.
“I could have danced all night, and still have begged for more“ as the old song goes, which is also the origin of the club nickname for the drug, Lizzy.

Finally, the outlawed, Venom.
Usually sold in a disposable soft syringe which is injected, squeezed and disposed of.
Venom is based on an extract from the poisonous venom of an extremely rare Amazonian Snake.
It is now believed however that the present drug on the streets is in fact a synthesised copy.
It’s the dogs, as they say on the street.
Although a great experience in the short term, this drug is anti social in nature. The addict, called a Veny,  becomes more and more paranoid and withdrawn from the world around them as they sink into addiction.
So our advice is enjoy it while you can, you might not have that much time left once you get hooked.

Medical Drugs

Calmethadone, street name Pil
The standard pill administered for depression, taken orally

Nuroharmonizone, street name NZ, pronounced Enzee
This much stronger neurological drug comes in liquid form, taken orally

Military Drugs

Pervatin, Street name, Perv.
Comes in a disposable soft syringe which is injected, squeezed and disposed of.
Just inject this in your veins and you will feel like you can kill whatever you see in front of you.
Pervatin is illegal on the streets, but easily obtainable if you know where to look.
No street fighter would leave home without it.
It was developed to enhance all aspects of a fighters mental and physical abilities.
Ask any fighter and he will tell you that it is the edge you need to win.
Beware, there are three know grades according to the colour.
Yellow Death
Blue Demon
Red Hell
There is evidence that long term use can lead to severe Psychopathic tendencies, and eventual breakdown.


The Escorts in Nomos have been experimenting for years with different drugs to enhance the experience of their clients to keep them coming back for more.
At Present the drug of choice is Quintelude, called Lewd for short.
Lewd is sold in a gel form in usefully shaped tubes
It is simply applied to the erogenous zones, but take a great deal of skill and experience by the user to master the amounts and massaging techniques needed to expand its full potential.

No explanation could come near to conveying the experience, so we simply recommend you head on down to the royal for some first expert help.

Government controlled Drugs

In 2023 the Government began its Social Engineering Initiative.
Metrotek were given the largest slice of the funding for research.
Not long after, a Metrotek Neuro-Mechanic, Helena Carter, Identified the specific chemical combinations which combined to cause various Emotional reactions in Human beings.
A drug was produced , Empathazone, which could be tailored to replicate any emotional state.
Finally a machine was developed, the EFU, Empathic Fusion Unit.
This Machine first reads the chemical emotional patterns of patient A and then formulates a dose of Empathazone which clones those emotions. This dose is then administered to patient B causing them to feel the exact emotions of patient A.
However, the important factor in this experience is that Patient B retains a mentally observational position in the experience rather than becoming totally immersed , which allows for instant reflection on the emotions being experienced. This can become extremely traumatic and life changing.
EFU’s Are restricted to Government use only. They are used almost exclusively by Metropol as a treatment for convicted criminals.
Recent extensive scientific studies have linked low empathic brain signals with a tendency to commit crime, the lower the signals the more serious the crime.
Typically a victim of a crime is bought in ASAP after the crime is committed and an EFU reading taken. Once the perpetrator of the crime is captured the Empathazone dose created by the victims reading is administered to the criminal. This is called Empathic Fusion Therapy, EFT.
In recent times standard combinations of Empathazone have become available illegally on the streets.
Various criminal types use this illegal Empathazone to alter their emotional patterns so that they can be less easily recognized by the Metropol Cop Bots that roam the streets scanning for low empathic signals.

Last modified: June 2, 2011