Player Auctions

Player Auction at KOS

To start an auction, the player who is being auctioning off, should sit on the poseball or platform.

If the player is owned by someone else, the seller must be present at the auction and within 10 meters.

At KOS, only owned players may be sold on auction.

In other SIMs, unowned players may be sold as well.

Sometimes only players of specific groups may be sold.

The seller may set a minimum bit amount. If not, a default 5G$ will be used by default.

Now the Auction will be announced in the region (on the HUD screen) and the Auction will start right away.

The auction will last at least 10 minutes, but it will continue as long as nobody outbids the highest bid for consecutive 10 seconds (it works similar to a real auction).

Bid Menu

To place a bid, click on the treasure chest (or similar auction item), you will be asked to join the ‘Bid’. Then you will see a menu with several amounts (all above the current highest bid). The script will not allow you to bid beyond the balance in your bank account.

The wealthiest players will have of course better chance to win the bid.

The highest bid will win.

At the end of the auction, the amount of the bid will be automatically taken from the buyer’s account, and will be distributed this way:

  • 80% will go to the seller
  • 20% will go to the player who was sold

The ownership of the player on sale will also be transferred to the buyer.


  • What happens if the player on auction crashes?

The auction will not stop and will continue until the last bid is placed. Both money and ownership will be transfered even if the slave went offline.

  • Why I cannot outbid the current bid?

You probably don’t have enough money in your bank account.

Last modified: February 26, 2012