Religion & Beliefs

Nomos – Religion and beliefs.

After the last religious war the world governments finally decided that, although a seeming primal human need, religious belief systems were one of the basic causes of  human conflict and no longer to be sanctioned by them.

So religions are not outlawed, just not supported openly.

Many advances in technology have also added to the general apathy towards outdated organised belief systems and methods of conveying those beliefs.


In Nomos the most widely subscribed to belief system is that of Hellenism.

Hellenism is based on the practice of Empathic Fusion

This system was named after Helena Carter, the discoverer of the drug Empathazone, who was found dead in her car out in the desert some years back. The official cause of death was suicide .

It appears that a while after discovering the drug she had expressed great misgivings about how it was being misused by the Corporation and the government.

She then began to use it on herself to enhance her own religious beliefs by mixing doses of the drug which she claimed allowed her to empathise with some of the great saints of the past centuries.

Eventually she wrote a book about her experiences, One with the Saints.

The ideas and practices laid out in this book were soon taken up and supported by the remnants of the fading world religions such as Christianity.

Old religious relics such as the confessional  box began to take on a whole new meaning when the priest on the other side of the little window was handing out pre mixed doses of Empathazone to help the sinner truly experience the suffering of their victims.

There are also reports of group meetings where all present take a similar dose of Empathazone to “Suffer together”.

There is some evidence to support the belief that Empathazone can become addictive and frequent users are nothing more than emotion addicts.

Helenists believe that Miss Carter was silenced by the Corporation, although this is not said openly for fear the churches will be closed. At the moment the Corporation seem content to allow the Helenists to hold their meetings but are obviously watching the priests very closely.

There are reports of an Occult Group existing some place in the city, but as their activities are secret its difficult to know what they actually practice, or indeed if they exist at all. Activity of this sort tends to center around the Ancient Books book store.

Last modified: June 2, 2011