Appearance Rules

Clarification of appearance Rules for supernatural characters

We have been very relaxed on rules of appearance and, as per usual, some players have pushed them to their limits and caused us now to have to re state and enforce them.
We very much believe in Fantasy, but this fantasy must keep a large part of its existence in reality to keep it believable in a realism based sim.
Realism is the key, your character must look “believable” and realistic at all times.

All Supernatural characters must be recognisably human in form.
Two arms, two legs, human body etc.
(For particular Race exceptions to these rules see notes below)

This rule will be especially enforced with regard to the Head, which must retain a very high percentage of human shape and features.
You must look like a human with a hint of animal, not vice versa.

No Furries at all, not even if you claim pantomime statue for your character.

Any avatar that looks remotely cartoonish in nature, even if the player is serious in intent, will be asked to change form.

Only “believable” human animal combinations will be excepted, and this will be subject to Mentor judgement. As creative as it might seem to dream up a character which is half human half giraffe, it is obvious to any intelligent person that the combination is totally out of sync with the story and setting of a futuristic City.

Be reasonable and intelligent in your character choice.

If your character sounds like a joke i.e. Hamster man, squirrel girl, Frisian cow girl etc etc. Then  no matter how well presented it is, it will be seen as a joke to others and disruptive to RP in the sim. And therefore you will be asked to change.
If you are at all in doubt about your appearance check first with your Race mentor

Individual Race notes


The only real problem I see with Vampires is wings. They are about a subtle as a brick and have little basis in Vampire lore. I would say that wings are better off left back at the castle, unless you explain them IC as mere cosmetic attachments. I have no objections to Vampires having a more bat like form with full wings. But it is subject to the same rules as were creatures, and if seen on the streets libel to be shot on sight.


Shape shifters are the major exception to the above rules.
They may have a form which is much more animal in look.
But this Were form is to be something very much secretive and hidden in nature.
If a were wolf is seen on the street it can expect to be shot on sight by all players, no RP required.
Same goes for any other aggressive animal form.
These animal forms are even more subject to the above rules on realism, werewolves should look like real wolf/human fusions. If you find it difficult to find a good realistic avatar for your were form then that’s probably because its too ridicules and idea for anyone to have spent time making one.


This Race contains the most offenders as far as bending the rules goes.
It might seem hard at first to set strick appearance rules for this race.
But I see it as a totally Aesthetic thing.
You can just see when someone has spent time considering the look and feel of the human animal form they have chosen.
Ears are no big problem, neither are tails. Even animal snouts can be well merged into the human features of a face, although this is where things usualy start to slip.
Skin markings are fine, but not bright primary colours.
Just always keep in mind the dominant human look and feel to your character and you should be ok.


The whole idea of allowing Demons into the sim might seem open to question by many people.
But to me they fit perfectly into the city surroundings if they, as other races, keep to the dominant human look and feel.
I see Demons here as very much like Shape shifters. They are more like human bodies that have been possessed by a demon, rather than an actual demon form straight up from hell.
Tails and Horns are no big deal, there could be a thousand real world excuses why they are believable on the streets.
Hooves begin to get a lot more unbelievable as I imagine a demon would want to hide overtly demon attributes.
If the devil himself came to earth he would be a charming man in a suite with maybe a hint of the demonic in his eyes.
Demonic players should subject themselves at all times to strict subtlety rules, and keep in mind how on Earth they explain their extraordinary appearance to others.
Like shape shifters, I see no problem with demons having a demonic form which they can keep for special occasion, when they are among friends or to scare captives now and again.
But like werewolves, we do not feel full on demon lords should be drinking in the bars and dancing in the clubs.

supernatural animal

This category we will remove as it is too open to abuse.

Last modified: June 2, 2011