Capture Roleplay

Modified Capture Role Play Rules For Nomos

Beneath the main RP game in Nomos there are some other smaller pass times running concurrently.
One of these is the Capture Role play system, which also includes the auction system.
Players can capture other players designated as Prey and use them creatively in RP as assistants or servants etc.
This system can also be used to earn money by capturing players designated as prey and selling them on to  other players via the auction platform in Roy’s Robots store situated opposite the main entrance to the MetroTek Pyramid.
In Nomos this sub game has been adjusted slightly from KOS to fit into the setting and period of the Sim. Obviously human slavery had been outlawed many years before. So it would be illegal to buy and sell humans openly in Nomos.
But a new kind of slavery has arisen with the development of Replicants.
The Scenario is as follows:
In this near future world there are many forms of synthetic creatures, from the pure mechanical robot to the genetically engineered Replicants, these are practically indistinguishable from humans. Because Replicants are human in all but origin, they are forced to carry a licence and have an owner. This is to avoid deception of the human populace. Inevitably this system has broken down and many Replicants roam the world  unlicensed, either knowingly, as they have escaped their owners, or  unknowingly, in which case they are confused as to their true nature, some even denying their created origins and attempting to live like full humans. Missing and runaway replicants (Reps) are required to be reported to Metropol. But many owners use the special Replicant detective agencies (Rep Detec) that have been set up to investigate and apprehend them.
So Yyou could become a Replicant or one of the other synthetic races and be “ Re Possessed” and sold by your captor. The other method whereby other races can be captured and sold it through the practice of rigging.
This Scenario goes as follows:
Street life, the local news feed, recently reported on the growth in the illegal trading of Replicants along side other more common household dometic droids. But an even more disturbing development, the practice called “Rigging” was discovered.
According to the story, ordinary citizens are being kidnapped and then by means of an electronic neck band, developed for the control of mentally ill patients, their minds are being temporarily wiped and re programmed.
They are then put up for sale in the illegal Replicant auctions. There they are being passed off as the real thing.
Buyers of these Rigged humans only discover their true natures after removing the device much later.
Please note that rigging devices are available for game money in Angry bob’s Surplus store (or will be very shortly)
As with all matters to do with any kind of capture role play we ask all players to be sensitive to the wishes of those they intend to capture. Never forget that all RP interaction is consensual.

Last modified: June 2, 2011