Rank / Levels

On your web profile and your meter, the rank is represented by the ‘stars’.

There are max 20 possible levels.

Each rank adds 4.0 point to your maximum physical health score. So a player could possibly have Max Physical Heath of 180.0. This makes you somewhat of a hard target in Combat but not an invincible God.

How to get one more star for rank

  • AGE (MIN 0, MAX 17) – 1 star for each 30 game-day age (max 17 stars because of age)
  • BACKSTORY (1 STAR) – by posting your backstory/profile (attention: there is a minimal length AND the profile needs to be updated once every 2 weeks, or you will temporary lose the star).
  • LEADERSHIP (1 STAR) – by being a Clan Leader of an Official Clan. If your clan lose members and return in the ‘Under Revision status, the clan leader will lose the star. Co-Leaders don’t get an extra star.
  • SKILLS/CRAFTS (MIN 0, MAX 3) –  for each skill mastered through training (max 3 skills). You gain social level points 1 for each skill you have completed. There is a limit of 3 stars gained because of skills.
  • others dynamic stars



Additionally, Baal or Kora may assign you a MERIT STAR upon their own discretion. This star is:

  • cross-sim (if you teleport from one sim to another, you will still have it).
  • it will last until it is revoked upon discretion.
  • even if you have already 20 stars, it will add to them.

Where does the merit star show?


Merit Star

Merit Star

How the rank influence health

Each star increases your max physical health of 4.0 points.
STAR 1 = max 104 ph health
STAR 2 = max 108 ph health

STAR 20 = max 180 ph health



This only apply to SGS v 2.0+

Last modified: June 26, 2012