Cash Till

  • Most businesses have a cash till at the location
  • The purpose of cash tills is to help business owners to raise money to pay for rent.
  • Cash till is scripted to collect tips from customers, and commissions from trainees, and sale from items, and “gambling profits or losses”. All items in your store affect your business revenue.
  • Business owners should often withdraw money from it, because cash tills could be emptied in case of robbery
  • If you click on it, you will get a menu with this options:


Click this to find out how much cash is currently in the cash till.


Other players may leave a tip to your business if they are satisfied of the service. Tips are always in G$.

To leave a tip,type ‘tip’  and the amount of the tip in local chat.
tip 10


If you are a thief, click this to have a chance to steal from the till.

The odds of succeeding always change, but at the time of writing this, there is 1 out of 8 chances to succeed and if you do, you get 1/3 of the total money in the till.

If you are waiting for your court trial, you won’t be able to steal.

Once you try to steal from a till, any further attempts to steal from it  in that day will fail for sure. Try again the next day.


If you own this business, you can withdraw the total balance from the till. This amount will increase your cash (and it will show in your HUD).


Stealing is part of the game and it should increase the interaction between players. However, there are some people that try to steal and if they get caught, they will quickly teleport out, instead of facing consequences and ‘play the part’. To discourage this, business owners can add up to 5 names to a ban list for the cash till. These people won’t ever be able to steal from that particular cash till.

Attention: the list gets wiped out when the code gets updated, so check on it periodically.

To update the ban list,  type the list of those players who you don’t wish to steal from this till.
Separate names with commas. Use correct capitalization. Max 5 names. This list replace the old one (if any).
Kora Zenovka, Joe Linden, Mark Linden

The list will show in local chat when you click on ‘Bans’, but besides that, it will be private, and banned players won’t find out that have been banned from the till.


It will redirect to a web page with info about RP Business etc


Exit the menu.

Last modified: November 4, 2010