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KoS Rental Business Sign

KoS Rental Business Sign


General notes on the responsibilities of Renting Businesses

Renting a business is not just a means of getting paid. You can do this by simple camping work or learning a skill.

We expect people who take on a rented business to be aware of what it is they are renting and to fully take on the role that is associated with it.

If you take on a bar then you will be expected to run it like a real life bar and also hire bar staff and possibly dancers to attract customers.
This is even more important should you take on ownership of a large night club, where you should consider running small in-game events and promoting them to other players.

We can help out with this should you need temporary publicity such as posters put around the sim. We cannot afford to have people camping ownership of important role play positions. So if we feel that a player is not doing all they can to promote and manage their chosen business then we may have to consider relieving them of the position.

Even smaller businesses like the sushi bars in Nomos are important places for people to meet and discuss in character events.  So an owner of such a place should always be around if they are on line to act out their role.

So basically, please do not take on a business if you do not know or care about how to role play the position.


  • Some businesses are reserved to players within a certain group or game age. If not specified, any player may rent them.
  • If the rental has restrictions based on group/age, and if you don’t match those criteria you won’t be able to rent it and/or your current rental will expire right away and will become available for other players.
  • If you only wear a Guest/Explorer tag, you won’t qualify
  • Only ONE person will become the owner.  He or she can to have a co-tenant for roleplay purpose, but the script will only recognize the owner (for withdrawing from cash till or refilling food etc)
  • Only ONE person for business. If you use ALTs in the same SIM, you can only rent one business.


  • All businesses should be considered for roleplay purposes. Please do not rent it, unless you mean to spend some time roleplaying in that position.
  • You may hire employees / assistants to help you to run business.
  • You should advertise and promote your business (see below).
  • Most businesses offer skill training. Trainees will pay a commission at your business (automated by script). They may or may not become part of your staff
  • Once you are the business owner, you will be able to renew the rental by paying in G$ (game money)


  • RP Businesses come without rezzing permissions
  • If you do run events, please ask Kora or Baal to be added in the group as Event Coordinator. In that case, you may rezz prims for your event just before the event, and remove them just afterwards. Please do no leave prims around. Events are considered proper events only when they are promoted as such.


  • Notecard DropOff: Every rental sign/box has an option for you to drop a notecard in it.  You can use it to post your store info, job openings (if any), store hours (if any), price list.
  • Store Web Page: Every store has its own web page with the store info. Check for example the page for the Alien Club here: http://nomos.socionex.com/place/10/Alien/ The store owner may access to this page, by clicking on PROFILE on their SGS HUD, and then the link about Editing the Store Info in the Account Page.
  • Poster Slideshow: Nomos has in-world display boards. If you make your own posters, you can drop them to the board. Click on it. Only business owners can access to it. If you don’t see the Option to Upload Texture, then click on ‘Permissions’ to reload permissions. Textures will be automatically deleted after 1 week. Please upload only pictures related to events and hiring info. At KOS, please contact Kora or Baal to have your posters displayed in-world.
  • Post your Event to the SIM Calendar: when you use the slideshow, one option is to add the event to the Calendar (e.g. title of the event, location, date and time). The calendar will be shown in-world and on the web and the blog. So please post your events 🙂
  • Automatic publishing on the Newspaper: If you are a RP business owner in Nomos, you may publish your event or hiring info directly on Street Life, the local newspaper at Nomos. You will send an email to a specific email address. The subject of the email will become the header of the post. The body of the email will be the text of the article. And you can attach a picture to the email, and it will be automatically published. To find out the email address, please click on the Poster Slideshow and click on ‘Event’ from the Menu.
  • Manual Publishing on the Newspaper: Contact the editor of Street Life or Ireem Chronicles to post your event or hiring info or any RP stories, when you are unable to post directly by email address.
  • Notice on the SL Group: contact Kora or Baal to have a notice out about your event


  • You may only rent one business. If you rent a second business, the other one will become vacant right away
  • Please DO NOT buy G$ in exchange of L$ or any other real currency. It is a serious violation. If you need G$, you may borrow it at the local bank/ATM/lender services.
  • There are NO REFUNDS for G$. Upon acceptance of the rental agreement, you acknowledge that we have no obligation to refund any amount of game money under any circumstance.
  • We reserve the right to terminate any rental at any time for any reason, in accordance with its terms of service. Common sense is the rule of thumb – be polite, courteous, and follow the rules.


  • Go directly to the business in-world
  • Outside the store there will be a rental sign/box. By touching it, you will get a menu with the options to read this webpage or to pay/renew for rent.
  • If the store has already been rent, then you will probably see the name of the business owner.
  • If the store is vacant, you will be able to rent it or you will be informed to contact a sim owner and talk about your business plans, before being able to rent it.
  • Rental fees vary


  • If you don’t renew the rental, the business will become available to other players
  • You cannot extend the expiration time beyond 14 DAYS. This is to avoid people renting for long time and leave the places empty. If you try to extend the rental any further, your money will be taken, but not extension will be given to you. Be aware of this, before paying to renew your rental.
  • 3 Days before expiration business owners will start to receive an Instant Message and a Notecard from the server to remind them to renew it before expiration.
  • The reminder will be sent out every 12 hours, until 3 days after expiration, unless someone else rents it.
  • Once the rental has expired, the business will become available to other players.
  • Rentals cannot last more than 6 consecutive months, and after 6 months it must be become available to any applicants. Previous renters can apply as applicants of course. After 6 months, the rental renewal will be temporarily suspended.
  • There are a few exceptions to the 6-month rules and it only for special rentals such as the Sultana’s Palace and the Ireem Chronicles.


  • Most businesses have a cash till at the location
  • The purpose of cash tills is to help business owners to raise money to pay for rent.
  • Cash till is scripted to collect tips from customers, and commissions from trainees, and sale from items, and “gambling profits or losses”. All items in your store affect your business revenue.
  • Business owners should often withdraw money from it, because cash tills could be emptied in case of robbery
  • Read more here


  • Some RP businesses (clubs etc)  have a music controller to change music streams within the parcel.
  • The business owners have permissions to change it, for live events or DJs or other reasons.


  • Some RP businesses require owners to run RP events. If you aren’t interested in promoting roleplay by running events, please leave the rental to someone else who may wish to do so.



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