KoS Event Rules & Quota

If you rent a KOS place, you are required to host roleplay events. KOS is all about community, and events help the community to grow and develop.
Please be aware of this requirement before renting the business.

  • Arabesque Cafe: 1 RP events a month
  • Arena: 2 RP events a month
  • Blue Lagoon Cafe`: 1 RP events a month
  • Blue Parrot Tavern: 1 RP event a month
  • Dolphin Baths: 1 RP event a month
  • House of Pleasure: 1 RP event a month
  • Ireem Library: 1 RP event a month
  • Slaves Head Inn: 1 RP event a month
  • The Fatted Calf: 1 RP event a month
  • Good Knight Tavern: 1 RP event a month
  • ALL OTHERS: 1 RP event every 2 month

Rules and Responsibility

  • First 15 days of ownership of the business,  owners and their staff must hold an event.
  • Events may be hold in the location or anywhere else in the SIM. Just make sure that you have the approval of another business owner, or SIM owner for the chosen location.
  • If you need to rezz prim for the event, you can rezz prims just before the event. Please remove them afterwards. However, we allow prim rezzing only for events, not for general rp business.
  • Events must be roleplay events (In-Character). OOC Events at some location may be permitted, but must be discussed and agreed upon beforehand with the Baal and Kora.
  • Events must be promoted either in the newspaper (Ireem Chronicles) and/or submitted as Event in the Calendar (ask Kora to help you out). If you don’t promote your event, it will unlikely to have other players to participate.
  • G$ or any other prize given out for the event will be sole responsibility of the owner. If you don’t have enough, you may try to raise sponsors from other business or wealthy investors.
  • Business owner must hire on staff to help run the store/business, that will also help in the planning your roleplay event.
  • Business owners must NOT use the  store in any way as a home base exclusively for there race or clan. Roleplay events are open to every single person in KoS. Anyone caught violating this rule by discouraging players not of their own Race or clan will have ownership removed.
  • Anyone not meeting the quota of events will be sent a reminder, those that continue to leave the place vacant will be removed from Ownership. NO Refunds.
  • All members not wearing a SGS meter will have to wear a OOC tag set by KoS and will not interrupt any RP.
  • All other SIM rules still apply.

Ownership of any business is to be used as a RP tool. It takes dedication and commitment along with having fun. Renting it out just to look cool and not do anything will get you removed quickly.

All notecards should be sent to Kora Zenovka to be processed and if you are selected to rent out any of the businesses you will be contacted.

Last modified: August 15, 2011