How much stamina do I have?

Stamina is shown in your meter and your HUD.

When do I lost stamina?

You lose stamina when you engage in either a combat or capture or magic.

In combat, activities such as using a weapon, running, jumping, etc will make you lose stamina.

In capture, using a capture weapon will make you and the prey lose a bit of stamina, then running, jumping etc will also decrease your stamina.

If you run, jump or fly while you are engaged in a fight/capture, you will lose about 0.3 points every 10 second.

If you get hit (without blocking it), you will lose 0.2 stamina points per hit.

If you block an hit (by playing the ‘block animation’), you will lose 1.2 stamina points per hit.

If you cast a magic craft/spell, you will lose a lot of stamina (See chart).

How do I increase my stamina?

Stop from being engaged in fight or capture. Then if you rest (either by walking or standing), your stamina will increase quickly again (approximately 2.0 stamina points every 10 seconds).

I cannot eat or heal because my stamina is low!!

When your stamina is below 90, you will not be able to heal (neither food or bandages). This is to avoid a quick healing after the fight or capture has started. And avoid cheating as well.

What happens when my stamina goes to zero?

Your avatar will be frozen for a few seconds while playing an animation. If your SGS weapon is drawn, it will sheath again.

Shortly after your stamina will start increasing again.

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Last modified: November 1, 2011

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