Period Details and Dress Code

Setting and dress code.

There is no strict RP time setting for the City.
Vampires are very poor time keepers, as time has so little meaning to them.
How long is it since the great Plague that changed things so much?
No one is really sure.
It could be years, it could be hundreds of years, many Vampires have certainly aged and grown rich in the time Venexia has been under their control.
From a game play perspective the period is almost anything before industrial Victorian.
We say this as we do not really want to drift to far into late Victorian steam punk look.
Renascence to 18th century could be good. Obviously the Masqurades of Venice can throw up many ideas. In Venexia it is like a permanent Carnival look. And Venetian Masks can be worn almost any time.
And this goes for dress within the sim.
It is dark and gothic, past, antiqued, dusty and well aged.
Basically if the whole sim looked like a Gothic interpretation of Venetian fashion through the ages we would be well pleased. Dream on J
What it definitely is not is contemporary or futuristic.
No actual count Draculas please and sorry, no wings.
We do not allow flying in the sim, but you can get our Leonardo glider to use if you wish to official fly around.
We also do not allow jump or speed enhancers as we have a Magic skill that will perform that function as you progress through your magic training in the sim.

As Explained in the notes, Vampires use looks and appearance as a means of domination, so please take some time on your Characters and gain some visual charisma.

Humans should think along the same lines as far as timelines goes. There dress should reflect their chosen path in society.
Upper-class should look rather tattered now, maybe like they did after a year or so of the French revolution.
Lower classes should chose a more peasant look possibly.
Blood Gaunts can have a wale of a timeĀ  working out the look of a renaissance drug addict or some such concoction.

Please if you are asked to change or update your look then do so without argument.
If in doubt please check with Coven Leaders or admins before wasting money on a look that does not suit the sim.

Last modified: November 8, 2011