Clans/Covens Info & Rules

A Clan or Coven is likely a family group made up of members of the same Race/Group (or mostly), with a leader and a structure of its own.

It may also have its own clan rules, so you should make sure you are familiar with a clan before joining.

In most cases you would not join a clan without first making contact with its members or possibly meeting the head of the Clan.

You may even need to be invited to join certain Clans.

When you first join the game you will have no Clan.

Before joining an existing Clan you should spend some time in the land talking with others of your kind to find a clan that will suit you. You may be asked to join or you may have come here with a Clan in mind to Join.

Basic rules.

All Clans must conform to the basic rules, story and setting of the Game.

Clans can only be in-character (clans such as ‘Elite Roleplayers’ or ‘Hottest people’ etc are not allowed).

Clans cannot have a previous history in other SIMs. If you wish to keep a clan from another SIM or with a past on its own, please contact Kora or Baal to see if they allow an exception.

As Clan leader you are welcome to make rules and distribute note cards specific to your own Clan, these rules of course will not apply or affect any other clan, which will have their own set of Clan rules.

As a Clan leader you will be in a position of authority in the Sim, please do not abuse that authority.

Anyone found playing their own game within our world will be banned for good with no consultation.

If you do not like the story, setting or basic rules of the game then please find somewhere else to play.

We cannot change the basic rules to suit individual whims, so please do not ask.

Please make sure that your group contributes to the story behind the Game for the benefit of all other players.

As clan leader you will be responsible for the members of your clan – both IC and OOC.  If you would rather be selective about who to be responsible for, keep the clan closed enrollment and eject members whom you don’t wish to be responsible for.

For this reason, clans whose leader hasn’t been playing for a month will be closed down, and their members should reorganize in different clans.


Clan Status

There are essentially 3 status for clans:

  • Official: if they meet all the clan requirements (see below)
  • Under revision: when they don’t meet all requirements, but the leader is somehow still active
  • Closed: when there have been lack of leadership interest or inactivity.

Only Official Clans will show up in the Meter for all Clan Members, and they will give an extra Star (+1 Rank Level) to their Leaders.

Minimum Requirements

To become ‘Official’, a clan must have these pre-requisites:

  • Minimum number of members: 1 leader + 4 members (same group/race)
  • Minimum leadership presence: leader must have played at least once in the last month
  • Minimum overall activity: at least 5 members of the clan (same group/race) must have played in the sim at least once in the last month
  • Minimum Set of Rules: a covenant for the clan must have been submitted
  • Integrity: Clan group must be the same as the leader group (example: A pirate leader cannot lead an undead clan).
  • 2 approvals from other leaders or SIM Owner (at least 2 leaders must approve your clan).

Once a day, an automated process will reassess the status of the clans if they meet requirements or not, and it will upgrade or downgrade based on the above criteria.

Mixed Races

Clans/Covens are created within a specific Race/Group. There are a few exceptions, and they are related to the race/group and the game itself. When you go to signup for a clan/coven you will see the list of clan/covens you can join. What it means is that if you are a bedu, for example, you cannot join a Slaver clan. These are two opposing group in the SIM. If you are a Bedu, join a Bedu clan. If you want to be in a Slaver clan, switch your race to Slaver. Check on the clan page to see if other races are allowed in that specific clan.

Group/Race Leaders

If the group/race has a group leader, then the hierarchy is:

Group/Race Leader (1)
(& Co-Leader)

Clan Leaders (multiple)
(& Clan Co-Leaders)

Clan Members

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