Appearance and Dress Code


HUMANOID APPEARANCE: To play at Kingdom of Sand, a humanoid avatar is a requirement. This means:

  • NO furries
  • NO dragons (except a very few exceptions)
  • NO oversize avatars
  • NO cartoon characters
  • NO walking vegetables
  • NO superheroes
  • NO centaurs
  • NO ponygirls
  • NO underage avatars (No exceptions)
  • NO angels

If you are in doubt, ask Baal Zobel or Kora Zenovka.

If it is not in the story, it is probably not allowed, so check with Baal or Kora before starting to play in KOS.

If you are in one of the above groups, please understand that we have absolutely nothing against you. It’s just that we are striving to build a very specific RP environment and kindly ask those who wish to be a part of it to respect that fact. If you wish to visit the SIM (without RP), read the new visitors information to find out if you may enter with an Explorer Tag, or you can simply change to a humanoid shape/outfit.

Dress Code

We shall try to maintain the “Arabian Nights” look and feel of the Sim. So we ask that you dress appropriately in the style of the period which is medieval Arabia. Although set in in this particular time and place, representatives of many of the worlds cultures congregated here around this time to trade. So most medieval period costumes would be appropriate.

Having said this, we are prepared to admit that what looks right to us, is right.

We encourage you to browse the many shops here and in other places that sell this style of clothing or other medieval period styles, and find your own look.

Magical Creatures

Please browse the group/races to find out what are the supernatural groups allowed in this SIM.

Real Animals

“Real” animals can roleplay as animals. However, only animals that fits the theme of the SIM can play (not polar bear at Kingdom of Sand, for example.) No oversize animals. Please ask Baal or Kora if you are in doubt.


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Last modified: October 26, 2011