Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Where can I go hunting?

Kingdom of Sand and Venexia have this mini-game setup.

What should I look for?

Look for a pretty jar or a crate/box. They are usually hidden around the region.

How can I open them?

You will need a treasure hammer, available at the Blacksmith or somewhere else in the sim. Once you draw it (similar to a weapon), find a box/jar, touch it and start to swing the crowbar/hammer, until it gets smashed. The hammer/crowbars are available on sale for game money (500G$, not 500L$) as long as the player is 7 days old (game age).

What is inside the jar/box?

These crates contain various things you may find useful such as food, alcohol, bandages, dead rats, herbal potions (for diseases), shields, etc. Occasionally, they are empty, but sometimes you may get a live rat that will chase and attack you! If that happens, start hitting it with the hammer or run away.

Why can’t I use the hammer/crowbar?

If you are in OOC Mode, training mode, unconcious, you won’t be able to use the tool to open it. You should be able to use it if you are prey or non-combatant.

What do I do with the items I get?

You will be asked if you wish to save it for later use or sale. They will be stored in your own game inventory.

How often can I smash a box/jar?

Only once a day.

Last modified: July 2, 2012