Bounty Hunting

Bounty Board

Who can submit a bounty?

Any player may submit a new bounty if he owns enough money in his bank account. Please DO NOT use the bounty to annoy another player, especially if he has expressed his desire of not interacting with you by RP Banning you. Please be considerate.

How do I submit a bounty?

Go to the bounty board, and click on the jar/book, then press ‘New’. You will be asked for the amount of the bounty, and the name of the player that you wish someone else to capture. The money will be taken from your bank account, and use as security deposit for the bounty hunter.

Can I revoke a bounty if I change my mind?

Yes, you can delete a bounty by using the Bounty Board. Click on ‘Delete’ and follow instructions. You can only delete a bounty YOU submitted and if it wasn’t redeemed yet. You will not get a refund.


Bounty Menu


How do I get the money if I capture a fugitive?

Once you capture the fugitive, take him with you to the bounty board and click on ‘Cash’. Then follow instructions. The other player must be your prisoner/slave (check their meter), if you wish to get paid. Once the bounty has been processed, you will get your money, and the prisoner will become property of the player who posted the bounty.

 Someone posted a bounty on me! Who is it?

You will find out when someone capture you and will try to redeem the bounty.

Someone captured me for a bounty? Can I pay a ransom and free myself?

No, please do not ransom out.When you are captured, please do not release yourself for at least 24 hours, so the new owner can get ahold of you. An automated IM will inform the new owner that you are now of his property. However, it is advisable to IM the new owner if you wish to find out what is going to happen to you. A consensual roleplay should be agreed on.

 There is a bounty on Player X. Can I submit a bounty on the same player?

No, you will have to wait until that bounty is redeemed, and then you can submit a new one.


Can I submit a bounty on anybody?

You cannot submit bounties to capture:

  • Members of the Palace (Royals, Guards, Servants) and Knights in KOS (unless there was a prior OOC agreement on that).
  • Inquisitors in Venexia
  • People who you have a RP Ban with.


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