SGS HUD v 2.0

SGS HUD v 2.0


  • SETUP: configuration of your character (species, group, character name, capture mode, combatant mode, skin setup, etc)
  • INTERACT: What you can do to people around you in-game (pay money, compliment, etc)
  • VICTIM: What you can do to your captives/prisoners
  • SELF: What you can do to yourself (unfreeze, pay random and regain freedom, etc)
  • PROFILE: Automatic registration and edit your profile or browse other players’ profile
  • RESET: Safe reset from database – it will reload your latest data.
  • INVENTORY: Manage your own item inventory.
  • HELP: Help menu (web based, map etc)

MESSAGE / SCORE BOARD (updated to v2)

  • Double click on the “S” button to see your scores:
    • Cash$ -> pocket money
    • Bank$ -> game money you have deposited in your bank account (updated at the last time you checked)
    • W -> total wins (fights)
    • L -> total losses (fights)
    • C -> total captures
    • Ph -> physical health rate (ex. 65/100. )
    • St  -> stamina rate
  • If you click on the Left or Right buttons, you will browse through the messages received while playing
  • When a message is received, it will automatically displayed on the board, and temporarily hide your score. To switch the view to score, click on the “S” button again”


The UI will change depending on the game/sim. We currently have 3 skins.

More to know…

  • The HUD should be worn on the TOP LEFT of the HUD/screen
  • You may minimize the HUD by pressing the button above the left menu
  • If you lose it, go to any location and you will be able to get another copy of the SGS kit and weapons
  • If you wish to move it, please slide it only on the left or right of your screen.
SGS HUD v 2.0 Minimized

SGS HUD v 2.0 Minimized

To minimize the HUD click on the green button on the top left side of the HUD.


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Last modified: February 7, 2012

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