Elemental Magick, Major and Minor Arcana

Elemental Magick

We realise that many people will come from other systems where other forms of Magic are used.
We ask that all players only use the Powers set forth in this note.
There are a few that have been left out here, some deliberately as they are far to open to abuse.
Telepathy and Mind reading immediately come to mind.
We have tried to balance what we do have between the Sabats.
Please do not ask us if you may use some special secret power that your character has that is not listed here.

Major and Minor Arcana

The Arcana are supernatural abilities that are either innate or gained over time by the Vampire.

There are 8 Minor Arcana and 9 Major Arcana

Each Sabat has a Minor Arcana unique to them.
These Minor Arcana are all Role Play based and do not effect the physical score in the meter.
They are tested by use of an in build dice system

All Vampires will have access to Major Arcana Training after an initial 2 week period in the sim.


All Arcana are an aid To Role Play and should not be used without an opening role play exchange.

Minor Arcana are official game elements and must be recognised by all players. If another player attempts to uses Minor arcane on you and succeeds then you are bound to RP out the exchange as if you are effected by the Arcana.

Minor Arcana, How to use
Lesser Arcana are used by  the player typing “/rp Arcana Name” in local chat.
Where Arcana is the name of the Arcana being used and Name is the whole or part of the name of the player you wish to use the Minor Arcana upon.
There will then be a short pause and the result of the attempt will appear in chat, and RP can proceed accordingly.
Please note that it says, “The Arcana begins to work” these are not cut and dried outcomes. Success indicates that your Arcana can be role played and the other player must except for the moment that you are influencing them. Of course they may themselves use their own Arcana as an antidote to yours, this is perfectly legal, but again must be worked into role play and not just used immediately afterwards to cancel out your success.
Should the same session of role play continue over 5 minutes then the above process should be repeated in order to ascertain if the effect is still working.
If your attempt fails you cannot used Minor Arcana again on the same player until you encounter them again in a fresh round of role play.

The 8 Lesser Arcana are:

Norferat – Stealth – can move silently
Drakul – Truth – able to detect when someone is lying or hiding something
Bathory – Insensate – unaffected by pleading or cajoling
Daemonica – Detection – able to detect when another is using a Lesser Arcana on them
Lestat – Charisma – raises people’s liking of you
Karnstein – Lust – directs attention to sex instead of whatever they were doing
De Rais – Incite – able to inspire people to follow their lead
Vorden – Deception – able to misdirect people’s attention so they “forget” that you are Vordensi

It will be clear to the more observant that some of these are antidotes the others, the obvious one being that if a a player from the Bathory Sabat losses to an attempt to incite by one of the de raise Sabat then they can immediately try to counter the effect with their own insensate Arcana.

Shape shifting.
This power is not built into the HUD as it would involve the player purchasing another were form avatar.
If this power exists in the sim at all it is only with the Norferati, who retain their links to a very ancient form of Vampirism.
As mention in another note any Vampire who cannot feed for long periods of time reverts to a very aggressive animal like form.
But this is not a shifted form. It is a base form of the Vampire.
Any Norferati Wishing to use this shifting ability will gain no extra powers when using it.
It is purely a visual and role played trip.

So let us be very Clear:
Only Norferati Can shape shift.
They gain no extra powers in the shifted form
The Shifted Form should be imagined more as a glamour that is placed on the viewer rather than a full body warp Change.
The Shifted  Creature can be a real animal form as long as it is a reasonable size, no small rodents or birds.
Any werewolves in the sim will be shot on sight (I.e. banned)

The 9 Major Arcana

The 9 Major Arcana are based on the control of the physical elements.
Each Vampire gains the potential to develop these over time as their game age increases.
This equates to the possibility of learning a new Arcana every 2 weeks of game age.
However, each Arcana has 3 levels of skill which increases their power and the amount that is paid to the trainee each time they sign up for training.
The levels advance with game time, but you can only train one Arcana a day.
So if you begin another Arcana before completion of the first then you will slow down progress in the training of the first.

Many of the Major Arcana effect the Physical score in the meter so should be used in a responsible way.
They are of course subject to the usual rules of Combat and should always be role played not just mechanically used.

To train Major Arcana you must go to the Magick Gardens and to the particular Pagoda of the Elemental Arcana you wish to train.
Earth is represented by a Cube
Water by a Crescent
Fire by a Pyramid
Air by a Sphere
Akasha is the Central Pagoda a combination of the other 4
Click upon the elemental symbol and you will be presented with a menu.
Chose which Arcan you wish to train and you will take up a pose while the power are transferred to you.

Vampires are by tradition paid when they train to master Major Arcana

The tradition of Fealty
The Tradition of Fealty arose in harsher times when there were no Courts and every Sabat was constantly warring and vying for superiority over the others.
The Tradition of Fealty states that all Chosen within a Sabat are bound by law to be available to fight for the cause of the Sabat at any time should they be called to do so.
One curiosity to arose out of this tradition is that Chosen are paid in gold  for any any Major Arcana  they choose to study and master. This was done in the hope to encourage Sabat members to become as powerful as they could, thus strengthening the fighting force of the Sabat, should they be called to defend it.

9 Major Arcana

All Major Arcana have 3 levels and cost stamina points to execute.

Skill name: Salvetor
Player can heal other players


Skill name:  Protectus
Surrounds player with a protective shield
Half damage
Time last level does.

Skill name: Vulcanis
Player can project balls of fire to attack other players.

Skill name Mercurious
Player can move faster both horizontally  and vertically.

Wind (Advanced Air)
Skill name: Boreas
Player can create a storm to attack the other player.

Light (Advanced Fire)
Skill name: Tenebrae
Player can become invisible to avoid detection and attack

Ice  (Advanced Water)
Skill name: Nifhell
Player can freeze other players in Ice

Organics (Advanced Earth)
Skill name: Maleficus
Player can manifest creatures to attack other players

The third Eye
Skill name: Shivaya
Player can detach the third eye and move it with their consciousness to other locations

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