More notes on how not to Dress in KOS

Please read the following note if you have noticed other player giving you strange looks, laughing behind their hand, or avoiding you on the streets. Or if you simply want to know how not to be a sore thumb in silks:

Please note we do not allow Angels in the Sim, we also do not allow Jesus,  any saints or in fact any of the heavenly host, sorry God ( He has been trying to get his Avatar excepted here for ages).
If you cannot figure out for yourselves why, then you obviously are not at all up to speed on where Ireem is situated in its FANTASY world. You must also have missed the section in the rules about this sim having no connection with any religion. (Ah and BTW, Fantasy does not translate to, Anything goes)
It has been suggested that as there are Demons in the sim, why not angels. Well there may well be demons of a kind, but what you have to understand, horror of horrors, is that Demons have been around in all cultures aeons before modern religions showed up and commandeered them and build up an army of full bright winged avangers to give them a kicking.
So I say again, there are no Angels in KOS, also no Xenomorphs no Superman, no Kangaroos, no Captain Scarlet (unfortunately, because that also means no Destiny, Harmony, Melody, Rhapsody and Symphony Angels 🙁 and definitely no Mysterons.
The observant will note that I have omitted from the above list the billion or so other creatures that are also not mentioned in the KOS Back story, but I hope we all understand that absence does not indicate acceptance. Please lets not be silly here.
We are fully aware there are many people playing creatures that are not really supposed to be here, but we simply do not have time to keep chasing around after everyone who looks out of place or is Rping some off the wall idea like a fighter pilot who flew into the Bermuda triangle in during WW2 and ended up in Ireem as the Sutanas chief harem Eunuch, just because they are bored with the standard options.
Nor do we really want to have to fall out with people who insist on bending the rules so they can wear their latest avatar look to impress their friends.
SO, please do not be lazy or wilfully blind in your character creation, other players do notice you looking like a sesame street extra and we get many complaints about the way it kills the atmosphere.
So fix it please and don’t call down the wrath of the gods.
And if in the end you do then  you have been warned.