Tour of Golgothica

Golgothica Map

Golgothica Map


On the far Northern most edge of dreams is a land called Golgothica.

This is the last great land mass that lies on the coast of dark fantasy.

Beyond this there are only a few small dark islands whose rocky shores are forever pounded by the incessant seas of insanity. Few venture to these islands, and of these even fewer ever return.

But here in the bay of dark desires the sea of insanity is calmer as it flows into the small inlet and laps against the ancient sea walls of the fishing Village called Skara Brae.
The Village is old and muchly overgrown. The damp coastal air covers everything with a layer of shimmering slippery wet green moss.

Beyond the harbor wall is the Green Man Inn, quieter now, but once it was filled much drunken laughter and songs of the sea sung by fearsome Harpooners who  hunted the great Leviathans, now lost to deep nightmares. And ancient mariners who told tales of voyages of damnation to sunken worlds beyond deep sleep.

Scara Brae is a pagan place, where life is red in tooth and claw, where life is short but full, where pain and pleasure lose their boundaries in sensual delights beyond the minds of the mundane.
Here there is no religion, only the certainty of something inspirational beyond the mind of man, and a love of the old Gods of life, love, sex and death.

The melancholy river Morn wends its way around the village making of it an island.

Across the river to the South is the Isle of the dead, those who no longer dream.
Here in Neolithic tombs lay the bones of the ancestors.
Here also can be found the Temple of the Druida and the cauldron of rebirth where the children of men still go when their bodies are broken and in need of healing.

Northwards across the river you will find the Raven Lodge and across from it, on the common land, Skara Fair where the May pole stands.

Overlooking the fairground is the old Oust House where the smell of dried hops linger in the air and intoxicates the minds of men with visions of long summer nights given over to the worship Bacchus and wild Faunus who haunt the wild woods.

Further out from the village past the crab apple orchard is the camp of the Gypsy Wytchs.
Beware, lest they catch you, for if they do they will keep you for their pagan pleasure.

Above the camp high on Harrow Hill is the Crom Cruach an ancient ring or stones.
A place of bloody sacrifice and warrior trials.

To the East of the Village is the Wild Wood at the heart of which is the sacred Grove of the earth mother Uma. In this place strange fruit adorns the branches of the Oaks and Yews, flayed bodies of chosen are hung in the trees that their bloody corpses might feed the hungry land with the blood of life.
Take care in these woods as there are many  traps and snares set by the Masters and Mistresses of these lands to capture the unwary and take them back to their lairs in the mountains.

Beyond the woods are the mountains of madness and the castles of  Hades and Erebus
Hades is the house of Demons and other deformed creatures of night.
Erebus is the lair of Vampires, Dark angels, and the undead.
These creatures, with the Wytchs in the valley, are the rulers of these lands.
There are no righteous heroes here, no avenging angels.
In this place the rule of the overlords is supreme.
There are Masters and Mistresses and the slaves shall serve.
Think well upon the path you will take, and yet, if you do not already know then you are likely not ready for this land of dark dreams.


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