Auctions Info & Rules

Auction Stand

Start an Auction

Players can sell inventory items or other things at the auction for G$ (game money – SGS only).

To start an auction use an available Auction Book  (currently available in both KoS and Venexia).

A message will be sent to the HUD screens with announcements and update.

Unless the items are inventory items, sellers can set some restrictions regarding the sale (it could be any criteria – gender, group, etc), if the sale is for other things, not inventory items.

Placing bids

Potential buyers can bid on the item. When they bid, they will not be charged money, but they have to own enough money in their bank account.

The auction will end after 24 hours, or it will be extended of 1 hour for each highest bid posted after those 24 hours.


  • Today at 8am a player starts an auction (its expiration date will be 8am tomorrow).
  • At 10am a player places a bid on that auction: the expiration is still 8am tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow at 7:30am another player places a bid: the expiration time will then become 8:30am (1 hour afterwards).
  • Tomorrow at 8:15am another player places a bid: the expiration will become 9:15am same day. etc


End of Auction

The auction is over at the date/time is set for expiration.

If the item was an inventory item:

  • The buyer will automatically receive items in their inventory database, ready for use
  • The money will be automatically transfered from the buyer’s bank account to the seller’s bank account
  • If there are no buyers, the items will automatically return to the seller’s inventory database, ready to sell again.

If the item was something else (such as ‘Moonlight dinner date’):

  • The buyer and seller should contact each other and make arrangements on their own.


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Last modified: October 16, 2012