Jobs / Skill Training

One way to gain money and skills is to signup for employment. There are many different jobs in every SIMs.


Some of them offer skill training, some are merely manual work and don’t require special skills.

Read more about skills.


Some of them are restricted to a specific species or groups.


Some jobs will give you items to use or sell in your SGS inventory. Some jobs are purely roleplay roles (with skill), but they won’t give you any item.

If they do,  you will be given a number of items based on your skill level:

  • 1 item for level 1,
  • 2 items for level 2,
  • 3 items for level 3

Max 20 items in inventory.


Salary is based on the level of your training. Salary may change, but today it is:

  • 70G$ for level 1,
  • 80G$ for level 2,
  • 90G$ for level 3 or mastered skill.

Salaries for Manual work is about 70G$ and they are given to you cash.

Salaries from Skilled Employment are deposited to your bank account.


Signup for a job doesn’t require authorization from the place manager/owner, but it is preferable if you can roleplay it out.

To signup, go to the employer and click on the Employment Register (either a book or laptop). You will be asked what is the position you wish to signup for.


Last modified: January 17, 2012