Skills FAQ

How many skills can I have?

You can have as many skills as you want. You can train for more than 1 skill at a time, but you will be able to signup for skilled employment only once a day.  So so choose carefully what you want your character to learn. After completing the training – in 42 days, you will ‘master’ the skill.

How many times can I sign up?

Only once a day (24-hour day). The time zone is UTC, so the day ends at 4 or 5pm SLT. If you signup for a mastered skill or an unskilled job at any day, you won’t lose the skill training accruited so far. Check your employment/training status on your profile.

I changed my mind! Can I train for a different skill?

You may change skill. When you signup for an occupation that requires a different skill training, you will NOT lose any prior training that has not been completed

I want to change employer / occupation!

You may change occupation or employer at any time without losing the training you have accruted for that skill.
For example: courtesan and masseuse are two different occupations but they provide the same skill training.
Or one day you can be employed as cook at the Bakery and the next day at the Fatted Calf, and you will simply accrue more training for the food skill.
If you simply want to resign, go to your employer and click on the employment book and then ‘Resign’.
If you want to change jobs, go to your new employer, click on the employment book and then ‘Signup’ and confirm the occupation you wish to take

Where do I signup?

Most places have an employment register book where you may signup for employment/skill training. Just click on it, and “sign up”.

Which jobs are available?

Just search for job openings in here: Jobs

What are the skill items about?

Every day you signup at an employment register, you will be awarded with a daily salary and you will be given 1, 2 or 3 items (it depends on your training level). The skills items have different purpose. Some items are just for your own use (e.g. combat items) or to sell/trade with other players (e.g. food items).

How many skills levels do we have?

Each 2 weeks of training, you will increase a skill level, and you will receive the items that fit your skill level.
There are max 3 skills level. After the third level is complete (42 days of training), you are considered skilled in that occupation.

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Last modified: September 11, 2011