Tech Notes

There are some new Technical devices and machines used in Nomos that you should become familiar with.

Music and Audio
There are 2 media standards in Nomos
DDVS, Direct Digital Video Sphere
DDAS, Direct Digital Audio Sphere
All Digital media is now stored on Small lightweight metallic Spheres, nicknamed Spinnys.
Some shops still sell older media types as retro Djs still like to use the outdated CD format.

Direct Digital Media Player.
The DDMP sits upon the top of the head with 2 support bars and 2 sensors that drop down to the forehead holding the device firmly upon the head. The outwards appearance of this has been likened to a preying mantis sitting upon the skull. This has given rise to the nickname of “Mantis” for the Device.
A media sphere is slotted into the back of the unit and the digital signal is passed through the sensors on the temples directly to the cerebral cortex. Thus the user experiences Music or Video directly within the brain without recourse to any other external visual or hearing devices.
Volume and directory/track selection is controlled by voice with key words chosen by the owner of the player.
This has been found to be a far more immersive sensory experience than older audio and visual devices could provide.


Personal Communication Device
The PCD is what you see in the top left of your HUD.
All Nomos Citizens have one of these.
It is a combined Communication, data storage/retrieval and internet linked gadget taking the place of phones and lap tops etc.

Sentinal Security System
The Sentinal security system is the prefered method of large area protection for most organised groups in the city.
It protects members of a the specified owner group by rendering any none members incapable of violent action within the set radius of influence.

Empathic Fusion Unit.
EFU’s Are restricted to Government use only. They are used almost exclusively by Metropol as a
treatment for convicted criminals.
This Machine first reads the chemical emotional patterns of patient A and then formulates a dose of Empathazone which clones those emotions. This dose is then administered to patient B causing them to feel the exact emotions of patient A.
However, the important factor in this experience is that Patient B retains a mentaly observational position in the experience rather than becoming totally immersed , which allows for instant reflection on the emotions being experienced. This can become extremely traumatic and life changing.
Recent extensive scientific studies have linked low empathic brain signals with a tendency to commit crime, the lower the signals the more serious the crime.
Typically a victim of a crime is bought in ASAP after the crime is committed and an EFU reading taken. Once the perpetrator of the crime is captured the Empathazone dose created by the victims reading is administered to the criminal. This is called Empathic Fusion Therapy, EFT.
In recent times standard combinations of Empathazone have become available illegally on the streets.
Various criminal types use this illegal Empathazone to alter their emotional patterns so that they can be less easily recognised by the Metropol Cop Bots that roam the streets scanning for low empathic signals.

Cop Bots.
Cop Bots are used by Metropol to maintain order in the streets by constantly scanning for low empathic brain signals in Citizens.
Should a Bot detect certain low levels in a person a Hunter Bot is deployed to apprehend the suspected criminal.
Cop Bots can impose instant detention orders on arrested individuals.

Biomech Muti-Tool
The bio mech tool is a muti functional repair device designed to deal with all problems of energy loss in low class mecha Such as Cyborgs and Robots. It cannot be used on Replicants who are designed to function in the same manner as Humans.

Last modified: June 2, 2011