Laws, Crime and Punishment

New research and development into the detection of empathic levels in citizens has enabled Metropol Enforcers to concentrate much more on the prevention of crime before it happens, rather than the Detection and punishment of crimes committed. This development has given rise to the new
Propensity To Perpetrate Law.


Early in the 21st century a Metrotek Neuro-Mechanic, Helena Carter, Identified the specific chemical combinations which combined to cause various Emotional reactions in Human beings.
A drug was produced , Empathazone, which could be tailored to replicate any emotional state.

Finally a machine was developed, the EFU, Empathic Fusion Unit.
This Machine first reads the chemical emotional patterns of patient A and then formulates a dose of Empathazone which clones those emotions. This dose is then administered to patient B causing them to feel the exact emotions of patient A.
However, the important factor in this experience is that Patient B retains a mentally observational position in the experience rather than becoming totally immersed , which allows for instant reflection on the emotions being experienced. This can become extremely traumatic and life changing.
EFU’s Are restricted to Government use only. They are used almost exclusively by Metropol as a treatment for convicted criminals.

Recent extensive scientific studies have linked low empathic brain signals with a tendency to commit crime, the lower the signals the more serious the crime.
Typically a victim of a crime is brought in ASAP after the crime is committed and an EFU reading taken. Once the perpetrator of the crime is captured the Empathazone dose created by the victims reading is administered to the criminal. This is called Empathic Fusion Therapy, EFT.
In recent times standard combinations of Empathazone have become available illegally on the streets.

Various criminal types use this illegal Empathazone to alter their emotional patterns so that they can be less easily recognised by the Metropol Cop Bots that roam the streets scanning for low empathic signals.  There is also rumoured to be a hand held scanner in development that will be available for the use of all Metropol Enforcers.


Crimes against the MetroTek Corporation and its Employees
Any crime perpetrated against Corporation members, that is Metropol and any other subsidiary company i.e. MediTek, PsychoTek, GenoTek or MetroGen, will receive highest Priority attention and be punished with extreme prejudice.

Propensity To Perpetrate

Cop Bot Empathic scan results are fed directly to the central governments data library and then piped down to the individual Metropol HQs
Code red Perps are listed on the main screen in Justice Hall in the Metropol Central building.
If a Citizen, after being scanned, is found to have Low empathic signals, then they are usually  apprehended by hunter bots or Enforcers and taken into custody as a preventative measure.
Once apprehended they are put through the system, where they are given pre programmed doses of Empathazone to bring their levels back up to what is considered a reasonable level for Normal functionality in society. They may also be subject to fines, penal processing and legal fees.


Homicide always results in sever punishment and imprisonment

Gun crime

It is not illegal to carry a gun in Nomos.
The laws on self defence are such that each citizen has the right to carry with them a means of protection which they deem necessary for their Location and circumstances.
The law does however state that these weapons should not be provocative and libel to cause conflict.
Although legal to carry a gun, it is illegal to brandish or fire that gun on the streets, except in self defence. Instant fines are imposed for improper use of weapons.

Knife crime

It is not illegal to carry hand to hand combat weapons on the streets of Nomos.
It is however illegal to brandish them in a provocative manner or to use them in any other way except in self defence after being attacked.
Assaults using  hand to hand weapons, that do not result in death, are punishable with instant fines.

Mugging and assault

Mugging and General assault are illegal and result in instant fines or Imprisonment according to the severity of the Assault.

Drug crime

See main notes on drugs in Nomos:

Simplified breakdown
There are three main recreational drugs found on the streets of Nomos.

  • The most common, and none illegal, is Root: A simple plant based narcotic high.
  • Next in strength is the illegal Benzaflorizone or Buzz: A blue coloured pill.
  • Finally, the outlawed, Venom: Sold in a disposable soft syringe which is injected, squeezed and disposed of.
  • Pervatin, Street name, Perv: This combat drug is not illegal but a user can receive higher fines and harsher sentences if the drug is found in their systems after committing crimes .

Dealing in illegal drugs results in instant fines
The dealer may also be called in for questioning, and repeat offending results in Imprisonment,

Illegal Synthetics

All Synthetics should be licensed and able to prove ownership when challenged.
All unlicensed Synthetics should be taken into custody for possible storage, re programming and
re selling.


Theft such as robbing stores, pick pocketing, stealing from vehicles, can result in Fines and or imprisonment depending on empathic readings

Sexual assault

Sexual assault can result in fines for minor offences and imprisonment for more serious crimes such as rape.


Prostitution is not illegal in Nomos but Professional Prostitutes should be licensed by Metropol

Antisocial behaviour

Drunk and disorderly behaviour results in instant fines.
Un licensed Nakedness or sexual activity on the street is illegal and punishable with fines.
Mentally unstable behaviour of any Citizen will be reported instantly to a PsychoTek Doctor.
Should one not be available the Mentally unstable Person is to be taken into custody until such a time as they may be transferred to the Bedlam institution.

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