SGS Purchase FAQs

Where can I use SGS?

SGS will be used in Kingdom of Sand, Nomos and Golgothica. The HUD changes skins and setup for each SIM/game. You will have a different profile, score, information for each SIM you will play at.

Why does it cost money?

The SGS Game System is something we do for our own entertainment. Of course if it was never played by anyone it would not make much sense, so we truly hope that other people will give it a go and get some enjoyment out of it too. But at the end of the day it is something put together by two people in their spare time, in their spare rooms. Please don’t imagine it to be more than this or you may be very disappointed. We are not Blizzard games so please don’t talk to us or about us like we should be.

Everything we do is experimental, if you only like polished, tried and tested games and ideas, again you may be very disappointed. If you find you do not like what we do then please resist the urge to slag us off loudly in public chat to the rest of the world just to make yourself feel better about it.

The game is a circular system all pieces feeding into each other, so no one part can be easily moved without moving all the rest. If you find you do not like a certain aspect of the game, or it’s not the good old game you remember, please don’t expect us to change it overnight, either learn to live with it for now or move on.

We have set the price of the game at 500 Lindens for many reasons, not least of all because it took a great deal of time and effort to put it all together. We figure if a weapon or piece of clothing is worth 500 to a 1000 lindens then a game must be worth at least that. If you do not agree with this then there are plenty of free places to play out there.

All the money we receive simply goes back into the upkeep of the sim. Anyone who thinks we make money out of this has never tried making real money in SL. Anyone who thinks a Sim can be run just for their pleasure with nil input by them towards its up keep is not in the real world either. Many RP sims have been forced to close in recent times, most would still be there if it were not for the heavy LL rents. Buying the Meter will help a little towards this.

So, if after all that you are still open to a bit of completely experimental game play in a decent looking Sim, then this could be the place for you.
Thanks for listening

Can I copy the scripts in my weapon?

The weapons that come with the HUD or the weapons sold separately contains a script that cannot be moved to a different weapon.

In the future a personal developer’s kit will be available for those who wish to build and use their own weapons. Everything will be configurable with a simple notecard., and you can customize animations, sounds and special effects.

I don’t have any money and I cannot afford it.

There are recruitment agencies in SL that will offer your a job or there are many locations for camping to earn lindens. Just look for ‘job’, ‘money’, ‘lindens’ in the Search to find recent locations.

I am not sure what group I want to be part of.

Once you wear the HUD, it will ask you what race you are part of: Human, Supernatural, Artificial or Animals. Once you make this choice, it will show you the list of groups that are part of this race. While you can always change group  within the same race, you won’t be able to reset your race unless you reset the race at the game entrance.
Resetting your species will probably cost 350 G$ (game money). For the time being, at Nomos at the entrance you will be able to reset your species without any charge.

Please carefully decide what race you want to be part of at the beginning.

I am a SIM owner. Can I use SGS in my SIM?

SGS was developed to be used in multiple SIMs. All the SIM setup is web based, plus there will be all items and scripts to run your own custom game system. However,  because of the complexity of the system, we won’t consider applications before September 2010.

I am ready to buy. Where do I go?

At the entrance of each SIM there is a “game room”. There is likely to be a big sign showing the SGS HUD, and next to it, a choice of  3 default weapons that fit the theme of the current SIM. Those vendors include the weapon, the meter and the HUD and everything else that comes in the package. This game  kit cost 500L$… and if you have any doubt about buying it, take your time, visit the SIMs, no need to hurry.

May I use a weapon I bought at KOS in Nomos as well?

Yes, you may. Every SIM will offer a choice of weapons that we consider a good fit for the game. The only exception is that you cannot use any form of guns and modern weapons in both Kos and Golgothica. We try to keep a realistic environment. We even have a HUD skin different from each SIM. So please use a weapon that is realistic enough for the sim. Please ask Baal or Kora if you are in doubt.

May I use a weapon using a different system, such as CCS, DCS, GM, etc?

All other weapons are not compatible. So, sorry no. Other weapons are not allowed.

Please read ALL rules before buying SGS.

I changed my mind. Can I have a refund?

We offer refunds only  if you buy duplicate items.
If you do, please submit copy of your SL transactions to a notecard and send it to Kora Zenovka

Last modified: May 6, 2011